Pi'illo Castle is a location that appears in Mario & Luigi: Dream Team. It is located to the far right side of Pi'illo Island and Prince Dreambert is the heir to the throne.


Pi'illo Castle is a large castle the resembles something from ancient times. The interior is very large with the main room containing many exits to other hallways and contains Item Shops. There is also a large underground basement where people go to test their abilities.


The first major location of the island, Pi'illo Castle appears ancient when first observed yet still looks grand. This was the castle of which the leaders of the ancient Pi'illo civilization ruled from bringing prosperity to all. However, this once mighty kingdom eventually fell into ruin when Antasma crushed the Dark Stone , petrifying every single citizen. This sturdy castle lay dormant until the Brocks found it. Under the guidance of Broque Monsieur, Doctor Snoozemore and a few other prominent leaders, the island began to be transformed into a tourist location. The interior of the castle was completely refurbished, but was done in a way which still made the castle appear ancient. Throughout the events of Mario & Luigi: Dream Team the castle hosted several significant events, from the first kidnapping of Princess Peach to the final celebrations after Bowser's defeat.