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The Phantom, also known as Tom Pham, is the sixth boss in Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle. He is fought in the Spooky Trails area. The boss makes his first appearance when Mario and his friends make their way to the stage where they should see him make his debut. Mario realizes that he and the rest of the party are in for a fight when Bowser Jr. reveals that Tom Phan is going to make his debut right now, especially after Bowser Jr. hacked F. B.'s email account to the Beep-O (who though that Tom Phan was a fake).



Phantom intro

The Phantom is a Rabbid, Boo balloon, and radio mix. He has hair and costume look sort of like George Washingtons or something. He also holds a handkerchief and is transparent on the underside where you can see the radio, then has a normal Rabbid underside when you hit the spot light(s).


The Phantom hates Mario for some reason, and mocks him, like saying the only words he know is "It's a Me, Let's a Go". He wants him to retire, as well.

Phantom's Song

"Bwah...Hum... a-ehm, Bwaaaaah-Bwah-Bwah BwaaaaAAAAAAAAAAAH! Bwah Ahem-har... Humph! You think yours is a real moustache?

Who's done me a thousand wrongs, ever since Donkey Kong?

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