Phantos are enemies in Yume Kōjō: Doki Doki Panic and Super Mario Bros. 2. They can also appear in Super Mario Maker 2 if Mario and his friends pick up the cursed Keys in their path.

Phantos appear in a room, guarding the key. They are harmless to Mario and his friends until they take the key, at which point the Phantos leave their spot and attack. One of the Phantos will chase them down, trying to ram into them. Phantos have an evil grin (or bored look in Doki Doki Panic) and are gold in color. Phantos stop chasing the player if they drops the key, or unlocks the door. Phantos cannot be defeated by any means other than by using a Starman.

Phanto has a strong resemblance in design and behavior to Two Face (Or Mr. P. Umpkin) from Kirby's Dream Land. Both enemies resemble masks and chase their target. However, Phantos chase anyone who steals the key, while Two Faces need to be approached in order to incite their rage. Two Faces also show bored looks for their "calm" state and evil grins for their "angry" state.

Animated Appearances

In The Super Mario Bros. Super Show!, Phantos make their first appearance in The Ten Koopmandments, with one of them chasing the

Phanto in the cartoon.

Mario brothers and Princess Peach and Toad. This Phanto takes his design more from Doki Doki Panic. Their next appearance is in Escape from Koopatraz, where they form part of the jury alongside Shy Guys, Pokeys, and Birdoes.


Phantos earned their name from the term "Phantom".

Names in Other Languages

  • Japanese: Kamēn
  • Spanish: El Fantasma (From the English name. First declension masculine (Genitive: Lois Fantasmes.) Latin pronunciation.)
  • Portuguese: O Phanto (Second declension, from the English name. Genitive: Lois Phantis. Latin pronunciation.)
  • Italian: Lo Spettríno (From Lo Spettro (spectre). Second declension (Genitive Lóis Spettrínis))
  • Latin: Ille/-a Phantasma (From Ille/-a Phantasma (phantom, ghost). First declension masculine (Genitive Phantasmae))
  • French: Le Phanto (Pun on Fantosme (phantom) and the English name. From Latin Phantasma (phantom).)