Petalburg is a town that appears in the game Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door. Mostly Koopa Troopas live there. Citizens include Koops and Kroop, the mayor. Hooktail has been terrorizing the town prior to the events of Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door. Both Mario and Bowser have been here.


Petalburg is a beautiful town that has houses and a fountain. The Item Shop is located in the middle of the first area while Kroop's house is the pink house of the second area.


Mario and Goombella arrive at Petalburg where a Koopa Troopa tells them about Hooktail. Mario and Goombella then head to Kroop's house where he thinks they are burglars. However, Mario manages to explain that he isn't one and Mario asks Kroop where the Crystal Star is. Kroop says that Hooktail has it and asks Mario to get rid of him Mario agrees to this and Kroop allows Mario to enter Shhwonk Fortress to get the Sun Stone and the Moon Stone. Mario then sets off for this task and is stopped by Koops who tries to ask Mario something but leaves quickly. Mario and Goombella then head for Shhwonk Fortress where they reenter Petalburg with the Sun and Moon Stones. Mario and Goombella then head for Hooktail Castle. Much later, Mario arrives back in Petalburg where Koops' dad allows Koops to continue his journey with Mario. Mario then sets out for the next Crystal Star.

Bowser and Kammy Koopa later visit Petalburg where Bowser thinks he spots Peach near a window. However, a Koopa Troopa snatches the poster where a shocked and disappointed Bowser leaves Petalburg.

Mario eventually had to return to Petalburg to find General White to get him to activate the cannon at Fahr Outpost. However, General White isn't there and a Koopa Troopa says that he went to see a giant tree.


Peaceful Petalburg

Peaceful Petalburg
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