Perilous Pokey Cave, or Layer-Cake Desert-2, is the second level of Layer-Cake Desert in New Super Mario Bros. U. It is a cave consisting of Pokeys, various Sand Geysers and other enemies. It is unlocked via completion of Stone-Eye Zone, and its own completion unlocks Stoneslide Tower.


The cave, like Fire Snake Cavern, is barely shrouded in darkness. In the later part of the course, the entirety of the cave is shrouded in darkness. Sand Geysers and ledges act as platforms throughout the level, and allow access to secrets and hidden areas.

Mario starts outside the cave with a Pokey guarding a Hidden Block with a Yoshi's Egg and a Warp Pipe. Mario must enter this pipe to continue. Mario drops into the cave with Sand Geysers and many Pokeys. There is a block containing a Yoshi's Egg in the first section of the cave. The next section is through another Warp Pipe down deeper into darkness Swoopers and Pokeys appear throughout the section as enemies, and must be passed, or defeated with fireballs or eating them with Yoshi. Finally, another Warp Pipe is near the end. Another Warp Pipe beyond from the darkness leads to the surface where the Goal Pole is.

Alternatively, the player can use the Super Acorn or P-Acorn in the starting area of the course to fly over the wall to the section where the Goal Pole is.

Star Coins

  • Star Coin 1: Shortly after entering the cave, past the first Pokey on the ceiling, the player comes across an area with three Sand Geysers, a red Koopa Troopa, a Pokey and several floating blocks. They must jump onto the floating blocks to get the first Star Coin.
  • Star Coin 2: Right after the player obtains the first Star Coin, two Pokeys are found on the ceiling between a sand geyser. They must get onto the geyser and jump up to reveal a hidden block, then use the block to wall jump up and to the right and over the ceiling. Then they must follow the path of coins right to the second Star Coin.
  • Star Coin 3: Towards the end of the dark area full of Swoopers and Pokeys, instead of taking the green Warp Pipe on the right, the player should head back and check the ceilings. If Mario or any other character finds a yellow Warp Pipe, they should look to the left of that to find some hidden blocks and a green Warp Pipe. They can use Yoshi, a Balloon Baby Yoshi, a Super Acorn, some Boost Blocks, or Peachette to reach it. The next area has three Pokeys and the Star Coin.