Penguins are a species of, as their name states, penguins. They appear in mainly spinoff games in the Mario series.


Super Mario 64 and Super Mario 64 DS

Main article: Tuxie

A penguin called Tuxie has been lost on Cool, Cool Mountain and Mario must return her to her mother.

Super Mario Galaxy and Super Mario Galaxy 2

Penguins appear in Super Mario Galaxy very often, there are in, Beach Bowl Galaxy, Bouy Base Galaxy, Sea Slide Galaxy, Loopdeloop Galaxy, Loopdeswoop Galaxy, Drip Drop Galaxy, Big Bass Galaxy (Penguru), and one lone penguin at Freezleflame Galaxy.

Mario Strikers Charged

In the game, they make cameo appearances in the cheering crowd.

Mario Sports Mix

Penguins only appearance is in Sherbert Sea. Penguins are waving on glaciers.

Super Mario Odyssey

Penguins appear as the Snow Kingdom regional bird. One can also be spotted in the Mushroom Kingdom.