Peepa's Fog Bog is a level of World Star that appears in Super Mario 3D World.


The level starts out with a puzzle themed area. You have to use the correct doors to get to certain areas. You also can find Snow Pokeies and Peepas. The next area is a river ride area, followed by a platform that will rise and lower into fog, making it a bit hard to see. The final area is similar to the first, except there is nothing you need to do here except get to the flagpole.

Green Stars

  • Green Star 1: Near the top left is Captain Toad. Use the star and the door to kill the Peepas and get the star.
  • Green Star 2: Opposite the fake box. Use a snowball as it goes away when you step on the gray/black area you spawn.
  • Green Star 3: Out in the open near the fake mystery house box after the Checkpoint.

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Peepa's Fog Bog Stamp.png

Near where you jump off to get to the end of level, go to the right. If you went the right way, you'll find a small hill, and jump on it to get the final stamp. Printed on the stamp is Princess Rosalina as she appears in Cat Form.