Peepas are enemies of the Boo race, that first appeared in Super Mario 3D Land as enemies in Ghost Houses. Their latest appearance in the Mario series is Super Mario 3D World. They are white ghosts, with stubby arms, and permanent smiling face, and black eyes with white pupils.


Super Mario series

Super Mario 3D Land

Peepas appear in Super Mario 3D Land, marking their first video game appearance, found in Ghost Houses, they don't make any physical attack when Mario (or Luigi) is near, so they appear as an obstacle instead of an enemy, the only way to defeat them is being Invincible Mario (or Luigi).

New Super Mario Bros. 2

Peepas are very different from Boos. Peepas don't rotate they just stare and revolve around eachother, they're not shy like Boos. First appearing on World 3-Spooky House, Peepas will try to stop Mario/Luigi from escaping the house by revolving around them in certain areas, this makes it harder to navigate because again--Peepas don't get embarrassed when you look at them. Starman is the only way to defeat these type of Boos. 

Super Mario 3D World

Peepas reappear in this game, reprising their role and behavior from Super Mario 3D Land. This time however, there are much more Peepas seen grouped up at once, and they follow new patterns not seen in 3D Land. Like the Boos, they can be destroyed using the new Light Box.

Super Mario Maker 2

In this game, Peepas appear as placeable enemies, but can only be found using the 3D World graphic style. Much like their behavor from New Super Mario Bros. 2, Peepas will move in a circular pattern in groups.

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