Pedal Power is a single-player mini-game in Mario Party. The game requires the player to spin the joystick in order to light up the room to defeat a Boo.

This mini-game serves as World 6-2 on Mini-Game Island. The player must defeat Boo to clear the game. If Boo catches up to the player, he will lose.


Game Rules Light up the room without getting caught by Boo.
Beat Boo to clear the game.
Controls N64 Stick - Rotate to pedal
Advice You can't defeat Boo with a weak light. Rotate N64 Stick as much as you can.


  • This mini-game is one of the main reasons that Nintendo stops developing mini-games that require rotating the Control Stick due to players using the palms of their hands to rotate it faster and causing blisters in the process.
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