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Peach Gardens is a course featured in Mario Kart DS. It takes place in the gardens of Princess Peach's Castle. This track later reappears as a retro course in Mario Kart Wii.


Head onward onto the island and exit on the first left. Head onward and go clockwise round the flower bed, and up the ramp and clockwise around the square flower bed here and down to the hedge maze ahead. Here the player must navigate through the blocks to the far end whilst dodging chain chomps. The other side has an incline, drift right round another flower bed to another decline to a hedge section. Here are just three cone shaped hedges to drive through; head round the first and then cut into the middle and out to the dirt track. There are Monty Moles that come out of the holes, so avoid these on to a path at the other end. There is one last right corner here which is easily driftable to the check point.


  • Using mushrooms the player can boost through the flowerbeds throughout the track.
  • The first square flowerbed the player comes across has a small path to the right of it, which shaves a second or two off the player's time.
  • For the dirt road section towards the end, mushrooms can cut out the corners.

Other Tips

Shells and other items can take out the Monty Moles that are on the dirt track at the end.

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