A Peach-bot is a robot created by Cackletta in the game Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga. Although they're not true enemies fought in the game, their main purpose is to use Princess Peach's voice and awaken the Beanstar with it. They are only seen in Woohoo Hooniversity.


The Peach-bots greatly resemble Princess Peach herself except for their metallic faces.


At Woohoo Hooniversity, Cackletta and Fawful put their plan into motion by using the Peach-bot's with Peach's "stolen voice" to help awaken the Beanstar. As the Peach-bots yell at the Beanstar, it suddenly grows angry and destroys all of the Peach Bots. Later, right after Mario and Luigi defeated Popple and Rookie, another broken Peach-bot falls beside the Beanstar and yells once more, causing the Beanstar to grow bigger and eventually split into four different pieces. It was revealed that Birdo's (who disguised as Peach) voice was stolen.