Peach's Extra Dress is a key item in Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga and remake. It is a pink dress identical to Princess Peach's dress.


Sprite of Peach's Extra Dress in Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga + Bowser's Minions.

Mario came over to Luigi who seemed upset about the real Beanstar taken from Fawful, Fawful knew it was a Fake Beanstar. Mario searched for Peach's Extra Dress inside the Suitcase, Luigi looked skeptical about that idea. Mario soon catched up to Bowletta wanting her to free Princess Peach, she refused and laughed. Mario was furious, but laughed and Bowletta had a feeling there is something wrong. She thought she saw two princesses, the fake princess said that they tricked Bowletta to kidnap the wrong princess and was about to leave them. Instead, Bowletta dropped Princess Peach and chased after the fake princess, and kidnapped the fake princess up to the Koopa Cruiser.

At the Koopa Cruiser, Bowletta and Fawful were pleased to kidnap the "real" princess and get the Beanstar. Meanwhile, Bowletta suspected the fake princess covering its mouth. Fawful asks the fake princess if it is hiding something, it denies. Bowletta fooled the fake princess that there was a "humongous cockroach" behind the fake princess. It jumped with a surprise and looked behind. The fake princess paused and hid its face. Fawful verified to Bowletta that he sees a moustache. Bowletta instructed Fawful to aim at it. It turned out to be Luigi who disguised as the real princess. Bowletta was shocked and furious how he tricked them. Fawful tried to attack and chase after Luigi, but Luigi already hit the ! Block for the crates to block their way through. Luigi took off the dress and continued his journey to recover the Beanstar and escape the Koopa Cruiser.


  • Luigi wore Peach's Extra Dress, but he strangely managed to wear Princess Peach's crown and a wig.