Peach's Birthday Cake is Princess Peach's board featured in Mario Party. The theme revolves around players are looking for stars on a giant Birthday Cake. Peach made a giant cake but needs to light the candles.


The Star Location never moves from its destined spot. The only way to get to it is if you pick a good seed from Goomba, if you do not pick a good seed from the Goomba, then you will get a Bowser seed which leads you to a mini-dash with many Bowser and Red Spaces, which leads you away from the Star. Bowser will also give away an inedible Bowser Cake for the price of 20 coins. Another way to earn stars is by landing on a happening space and paying thirty coins to have a Piranha Plant occupy the space. If someone were to land on they would lose a star and the person who bought the Pirahna Plant will get a Star.



  • This is the only stage in Mario Party where Boo is absent; however, he will only appear if the Event Block (once purchased) is activated to be used on board maps.
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