Party Mode is a special mode in the Mario Party series that was introduced in Mario Party 3. Party Mode was introduced to allow the player to jump into the game right away and select the type of board and rules they want without any parameters. Whereas Story Mode only allows one player and has specific rules already set, Party Mode allows the player to invite multiple friends and can customize the rules for their party. Party Mode has remained the same since its debut in Mario Party 3. The only thing players will not be able to do in Party Mode is play as unlockable characters or on unlockable Boards until they actually unlock the secrets themselves. This forces the player to play through Story Mode to collect all the secrets.


The player will have a wide variety of rules to customize before starting the game. These rules can be altered anytime while the game is in session.

  • Characters - The player and their partners can select the Mario Party character of their choice. They can also select the computer players that will join them in the party. If computer players are selected, then the player can individually choose the difficulty levels for them. The main difficulty settings are usually Easy, Normal, and Hard but certain other Mario Party games have a "Very Hard" or "Master" settings.
  • Battle Royale/Teams - In later Mario Party games, the player can choose whether the characters will play free for all, or if the player will team up with another partner and play two against two on the board map. Players playing in teams will share the number of coins and stars they collect.
  • Board Maps - The player will be able to select the board map they want to play on. They will not be able to play on boards that have not been unlocked.
  • Turns - In addition to the board map selected, the player can choose the number of turns that they want to participate in. The turns can be set in increments of five.
  • Handicaps - The player can give another character a certain amount of coins (or stars) and starts to begin the game with. They can also choose to turn handicaps off all together.
  • Bonuses - The player can choose to award bonuses at the end of game or not.