"I'm normally a letter-perfect postman, but I'm having a bit of trouble with a lost letter."
― Parakarry

Parakarry is a friendly mail-delivering Paratroopa, who joins Mario as a battle partner in the RPG, Paper Mario.


He is one of the few employees of the Mushroom Kingdom mail service. He cameos at the beginning of the game (and the Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door) delivering the invitation that starts off both games. He can also be seen, early in the game, at Toad Town's post office. Even though he is one of few Mushroom Kingdom mail carriers, he is rather careless and clumsy, and has dropped a large amount of letters around the world. In fact, he joins Mario's party on Mt. Rugged when Mario finds three letters he has lost. He has also noted as being rather slow and inefficient. However, he is well-meaning, helpful and courteous.

Parakarry specializes in attacking air-borne enemies. He can also carry Mario over short gaps and can deliver mail by talking to a recipient. A vehicular obstacle in Mario Kart: Double Dash!! is named the Parakarry Mail Truck. His boss, an elderly Paratroopa named the Postmaster, described as stubborn, serious and hardheaded, appears in the Post Office, allowing Mario to read mail. The Postmaster is rumored to have complained privately about Parakarry, but said it with a smile on his face.


Image Name Rank Effects FP Used
SkyDive Sky Dive Normal Rank Attacks an single enemy for damage. 0
ShellShot Shell Shot Normal Rank Attacks a single enemy for high damage. 3
AirLift Air Lift Super Rank May take an enemy away from battle. 3
AirRaid Air Raid Ultra Rank Attacks all enemies on the screen for high damage. 6



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