Parabones are winged variants of Dry Bones and undead variants of Koopa Paratroopas that first appear in the game Super Mario 3D World.


Super Mario series

Super Mario 3D World / Super Mario 3D World + Bowser's Fury

Parabones first appear in Super Mario 3D World and Super Mario 3D World + Bowser's Fury even though the normal Dry Bones and the standard Paratroopa do not appear in the game themselves. In this game, they fly a small distance above the ground and attack the player if they notice. Like normal Dry Bones, if a Parabones is attacked without the use of a Star, Lucky Bell, or Invincibility Leaf, it will collapse temporarily, but reassemble itself after a short time. During its reassembly, it is vulnerable to getting attacked. A Parabones can also be permanently destroyed if it collapses over lava or a pit. Unlike their counterparts, the Koopa Paratroopas, their wings also reassemble after they get hit, like their other counterparts, the Dry Bones.

Super Mario Maker


Parabones can be created in Super Mario Maker and Super Mario Maker for Nintendo 3DS by sticking wings to any Dry Bones, though like other enemies with wings attached to them, they are still referred to as the base enemy. While equipped with wings, they'll operate in the same manner as a red Koopa Paratroopa, but in the Super Mario World game style, they'll also throw bones at Mario. Unlike in Super Mario 3D World, however, stomping on a Parabones in this game removes its wings permanently, like Paratroopas.

Super Mario Odyssey

Parabones Icon SMO.png

Parabones reappear in Super Mario Odyssey for the Nintendo Switch, they appear in Bowser's Kingdom and the Underground Moon Caverns in the Moon Kingdom, where they wear white top hats in the latter course, they can be captured by using Cappy. As a Parabones, Mario can fly by pressing the B button, and can shake the Joy-Con to fly faster. Unlike when Mario captures a Paragoomba, he cannot fly upwards, only forwards. If Mario runs into a Lava Plume while flying, the Parabones disappears. Parabones can be defeated by falling into lava, though they respawn soon afterwards. The skull on the Caveman Headwear is stated to come from a Parabones.