Paperize is an ability used in Paper Mario: Sticker Star.


Paperize is when a character actually interacts with the background (and stops time) and places an object in or takes it away. In the game, the player has to press the Y button in order to Paperize. This technique becomes heavily use throughout the game.

Known Users

  • Mario (with Kersti): Mario can use Paperize as long Kersti is with him. Paperize is Mario's main technique in the game. He can place (or remove) certain scraps and place them somewhere in order to solve a puzzle. Mario can also use this ability to place certain Stickers in place to solve more puzzles or earn rarer Stickers. Mario cannot use this ability in battle.
  • Bowser Jr.: Bowser Jr. is actually the first person shown to use Paperize. Angry that he has lost the Scissors Thing Sticker to Mario, he decides to Paperize the entire bridge and toss it away halting Mario's progress.
  • Kamek: Kamek is the last person shown to use Paperize and is seen using at Water's Edge Way. Upset with his loss to Mario, he Paperizes the Comet Piece out of sight leaving Mario to hunt for it himself.