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Papercrafts are large objects that appear in Mario & Luigi: Paper Jam. They serve as the replacement for giant battles from Mario & Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story and Mario & Luigi: Dream Team.

4 of the papercrafts in the game.


Papercrafts are created by Toadette and the Koopa Troop in the game. Throughout the game, different Papercrafts are constructed to deal with certain battle with a different one being used each time. Toadette can create Papercrafts but always will need the help of Paper Toads first forcing the heroes (Mario, Luigi, and Paper Mario) to go on missions to find them. The Koopa Troop are skilled enough to assemble the Papercrafts themselves though it is hinted that Kamek and Paper Kamek construct all of them.


In battle, the Papercrafts can be used to battle other Papercrafts.

Types of Papercrafts