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This page is on the separate character from Mario & Luigi: Paper Jam. For more information on the main character and from the Paper Mario series, see Princess Peach.

Paper Princess Peach, or simply Paper Peach, is a major character from the game Mario & Luigi: Paper Jam.


Physical description

She is the paper version of Princess Peach seen in the game. Paper Peach resembles many of the visual characteristics Princess Peach has including long yellow hair, puffy pink dress, blue jewel on her chest, white gloves, and her big blue earings.


Paper Princess Peach is seen surprised to see the mainstream, less flat version of herself.

Bowser kidnapped Paper Peach and Princess Peach and was rescued by Mario, Luigi and Paper Mario. She celebrated with everyone on top of Papercraft Peach with Princess Peach. She returned to her normal world with Paper Mario and the others. However, unknown that she was screaming about Bowser.

Paper Peach has had an appearance in all of the Paper Mario games (2001-2021), including spin off titles such as Mario & Luigi: Paper Jam and makes cameo appearances in games for example Super Smash Bros. Brawl as a trophy unlockable.

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