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The Paper Mario series is a series of role-playing video games published by Nintendo and developed by Intelligent Systems. They are 3D games, but the characters are drawn in 2D. They are based around platforming.

About the series

The Paper Mario series can vary from a platformer to an RPG. It is very similar to the Mario & Luigi series. It involves the player going through a game where everything has a "paper" sprite. Every Paper Mario game (except for Paper Mario: Sticker Star and Paper Mario: Color Splash) usually has eight chapters that the player must go through. There are currently six games in the series with Paper Mario: The Origami King being the latest installment.


Paper Mario - North American boxart.png Paper Mario - The Thousand-Year Door (North American box).png Super Paper Mario (North American box).png PaperMarioStickerStar1.png Paper Mario Color Splash Boxart.jpg
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Paper Mario (2001)
(Nintendo 64)
Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door (2004)
(Nintendo GameCube)
Super Paper Mario (2007)
Paper Mario: Sticker Star (2012)
(Nintendo 3DS)
Paper Mario: Color Splash (2016)
(Wii U)

Paper Mario: The Origami King        (2020)        (Nintendo Switch )