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Paper Mario: Color Splash is an action-adventure, turn-based role-playing game for the Wii U developed by Intelligent Systems. It is the fifth installment in the Paper Mario Series, as well as the twentieth and final Mario game released for the Wii U. As a direct successor to Paper Mario: Sticker Star, it expands on many gameplay elements introduced in that game. Its direct sequel, Paper Mario: The Origami King, was released for the Nintendo Switch] in 2020.



One stormy night, Princess Peach and Toad meet Mario at his house to deliver a strange letter: a Toad drained of his colors. The stamp on the letter points to Prism Island, where the three travel to. Upon arriving, they find the deserted Port Prisma full of spots drained of color. They also meet Huey, a mysterious 3D talking paint bucket, and find the cause of colorless spots to be Slurp Guys using straws to suck color out of things. Huey then asks Mario to squeeze him into paper form in order to use the power of paint to battle the Shy Guys and to repaint the colorless spots, including the local Toads. Discovering that the Big Paint Stars at Prisma Fountain are gone, Huey asks Mario to find them and return them to the fountain. However, the Koopalings are also on the island and have captured the Big Paint Stars, and Mario must find and defeat them.

The events that caused Port Prisma to be damaged and the black paint's creation are explained through the Big Paint Stars' memories, told throughout the game. Bowser had jumped into the fountain and mixed the paint together, wanting his shell to turn rainbow. This created black paint, which possessed him. The Koopa Troop attacked Port Prisma, stealing its paint and sending a Toad as a letter to get Mario and Peach to Prism Island. Peach sends Mario a series of Holo-Peaches, holograms of her telling Mario what Bowser is doing while she is captured.

After saving Port Prisma, Mario and Huey set out to find the red Big Paint Star. First, they pass through Ruddy Road and Cherry Lake, learning the Cutout ability and collecting 3D real-world objects called Things. They find out that Bowser has stolen the paint from the Crimson Tower, where Morton] is keeping a Big Paint Star captive. To open the gate, they must find the three Chosen Toads: Justice Toad at Cherry Lake, Surfing Kinopio at Bloo Bay Beach, and the Mountain Sage at Daffodil Peak. Additionally, Mario assembles the green and purple Rescue Squads at Indigo Underground and Ruddy Road to help him reach more Mini Paint Stars. When all the Chosen Toads have been found, Mario defeats Morton at the Crimson Tower, painting in a large gate at Sunglow Ridge.

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