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Disc 1

  1. The Story of the Star Spirits
  2. Main Title
  3. A Party at Peach's Castle
  4. Mario's Theme
  5. March Ahead
  6. Goomba Village Theme
  7. Battle Fanfare
  8. Hey You!
  9. Gates of Goomba Village
  10. Goomba King's Decree
  11. Toad Town Theme
  12. Shy Guy Riot
  13. Nice to Meet You
  14. A Kingdom in Chaos
  15. Fuzzys Stole My Shell
  16. Koopa Village Theme
  17. Koopa Bros. Theme
  18. Bill Faster! Go Faster!
  19. Koopa Bros. Keep Cool
  20. Trojan Bowser
  21. Attack of the Koopa Bros.
  22. Toad Town Variations
  23. Mt. Rugged Theme
  24. Dry Dry Ruins Trek
  25. Mysterious Dry Dry Outpost
  26. Dry Dry Ruins Quest
  27. Chomp Attack
  28. Forever Forest Theme
  29. Approach to the Mansion
  30. Boo's Mansion Theme
  31. Gusty Gulch Theme
  32. Tubba Blubba's Castle
  33. The Castle Crumbles - Plays when Tubba Blubba chases Mario.
  34. Tubba's Heart - Tubba Blubba's Heart theme.
  35. Ghost Gulping - Played during the fights with Tubba Blubba's Heart and Tubba Blubba.
  36. Shy Guy's Toybox - The main theme of Shy Guy's Toy Box.
  37. All Aboard! - Plays when riding on the K64.
  38. General Guy's March - General Guy's theme.
  39. Keeping Pace - Plays during the fight with General Guy.

Disc 2

  1. Princess in Distress - Princess Peach's theme.
  2. Hang in There, Peach  - Plays when Princess Peach is watching out her window.
  3. Twink's Theme - Plays whenever Twink is present.
  4. Jade Jungle Theme - Plays in Jade Jungle.
  5. Welcome to Yoshi Village - Yoshi's Village theme.
  6. Search for the Fearsome Five - Plays in Yoshi Village when the Fearsome Five was missing.
  7. Rapheal the Raven - Raphael the Raven's theme.
  8. Hot Times in Mt. Lavalava - Mt. Lavalava's main theme.
  9. Escape from Mt. Lavalava - Plays when Mt. Lavalava is about to erupt.
  10. Lava Piranha Attack - Plays during the first phase batte with Lava Piranha.
  11. Go! Mario! Go! - Plays during the second phase battle with Lava Piranha.
  12. Clouds over Flower Fields - Flower Fields' main theme with the Puff Machine still active.
  13. Flower Fields Rondo - Flower Field's main theme after the Puff Machine has been destroyed.
  14. Lakilester the Great! - Lakilester's theme.
  15. Huff N. Puff's Theme - The main theme of Huff N. Puff.
  16. Huffin' and Puffin' - Plays during the fight with Huff N. Puff.
  17. Cold Reception in Shiver City - Shiver City's theme.
  18. Detective Mario - Plays when Mario was trying to find out who "killed" the Mayor.
  19. Snow Road
  20. Starborn Valley Trail
  21. Over Shiver Mountain
  22. Crystal Palace Craw! - The Crystal Palace's main theme.
  23. Freeze! - Plays during the fight with the Crystal King.
  24. A City in the Stars
  25. Shooting Star Summit
  26. Star Way
  27. Sanctuary!
  28. Siege on Bowser's Castle
  29. Angry Bowser
  30. Bowser's Rage
  31. Wish of the Koopas
  32. King of Koopas - Plays during the very last fight with Bowser.
  33. Beware! Bowser's Castle! - Plays when Bowser's Castle was being destroyed.
  34. Star Spirits' Requests - Plays after the Star Rod has been returned to the Star Spirits.
  35. Goodbye, Twink! - Plays after Twink leaves for the final time.
  36. Princess Peach Saved
  37. Victory Parade - Plays during the parade during the daytime.
  38. The Celebration Continues - Plays during the parade during nighttime.
  39. Mario & Peach's Theme - Plays on the "The End" screen.


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