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This article is on the Nintendo 64 game. For more information on the character, see Paper Mario.

Paper Mario (マリオストーリー Mario Sutōrī, lit. Mario Story) originally known as Super Mario RPG 2, is a role-playing game released in 2000 for the Nintendo 64. Developed by Intelligent Systems, Paper Mario marks the second role-playing game in the Mario series.

Paper Mario also marks the start of the Paper Mario series; its sequel, Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door was released in 2004 for the Nintendo GameCube.


Paper Mario introduced new concepts to the role-playing genre while still maintaining elements from the Mario series. Much like other Mario games, Mario must defeat Bowser, who has stolen the Star Rod from Star Haven. Mario must gather all the Star Spirits and defeat the evil Koopa King.

While the characters of Paper Mario are two-dimensional, the world itself is three-dimensional. Both the world and the characters exhibit paper-like qualities to them, however the use of these paper-like structures was not implemented until Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door.

Although Mario is controlled for the majority of the game, Princess Peach is controlled during the intermissions. Princess Peach can communicate with Mario via Twink, and as she gathers information during her imprisonment, she sends Twink to inform Mario of what she has learned, which often leads into the next area of the game. She may also uncover hidden items and send them to Mario via a magical trunk in the castle storeroom.


Outside of battling, Mario is able to interact with his environment, including speaking to the non-playable characters and searching through objects. There as also several platforming elements where Mario may need to use a partner to assist him. Partners are able to assist him inside and outside of battle. For example, Goombario is able to describe the locations and characters to Mario, while inside battle, he can use his tattle ability to give Mario a brief description of the enemy as well permanently show their HP.

Inside of battle, the gameplay shifts to a turn-based battle, with Mario attacking first, followed by his partner, and then the enemies. Mario can use items that can inflict damage, increase statistics, or perform other useful qualities.








The game progresses through a play-like style for battle and separates each part of the game into eight different chapters. These chapters mark the progress the player has made and the difficulty changes with each passing chapter.

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Prologue: A Plea from the Stars

A selected file during the first play

In the start of the game, Mario receives a letter from Princess Peach inviting him and his brother, Luigi, to her castle. Upon arriving, Mario is greeted by many guests as he makes his way through the castle. After going through the main door, Mario finds himself in a hallway where he can meet with Princess Peach.

The princess talks to him but they are interrupted by a large earthquake. The castle is uprooted from the ground and Bowser's Castle, located directly underneath Peach's castle, rises along with it. Bowser and Kammy Koopa then break through a window in the hallway and the former reveals that it was he who lifted the castle into the sky. As Bowser approaches the princess, Mario challenges him to a fight. Bowser, who secretly has the Star Rod, collectedly accepts the challenge.

The earthquake at Princess Peach's Castle

After Bowser accepts the challenge, Mario goes ahead and starts to attack Bowser, with each attack causing little damage. After thinking it over, Bowser decides to use his newly obtained Star Rod to gain ultimate power. This renders the Koopa King invincible, and he comes unscathed through Mario's every attack. Eventually, Bowser defeats the hero, and uses a bolt of lighting from the Star Rod to cast Mario out of the broken window upon impact, while Kammy summons a pair of Koopatrols to apprehend the princess.

Mario, now knocked out and badly injured, is visited by the seven Star Spirits, who are the protectors of the Mushroom Kingdom and the masters of the stars. The Spirits tell him to visit Shooting Star Summit to gather the seven Star Spirits. After the Star Spirits fade away, Mario is found by Goombaria, a female Goomba from nearby Goomba Village. Mario wakes up in the Toad House located in the village and when he tries to exit the village, he is greeted by Kammy Koopa. Kammy Koopa, who is Bowser's second in command, uses her magic to create a block that destroys the gate which leads to Goomba Road.

The Seven Star Spirits appearing while Mario is unconscious

Now in need of a hammer, Mario tries to locate Goompa, who is found on the balcony. While out looking for the balcony, Mario falls and ends up in Jr. Troopa's "playground". Mario finds Goompa in the "playground" and Goompa asks where the hammer is. Mario lets him know that he does not know where it is located. The two go off to look for it. When they go off to look for it, Jr. Troopa, the owner of this "playground", challenges Mario to a fight. Once Jr. Troopa is defeated, Mario is free to search for the hammer. Once Goompa and Mario return to the village, Goombario, Goombaria's brother, asks to join Mario on his travels as he is a huge fan of him.

To get to Goomba Road, Mario must use his hammer on the block that Kammy Koopa placed on the gate. After destroying the block, the team meets up with two traitorous Goombas, the Red and Blue Goombas, who are blocking the path to Toad Town. Once Mario defeats the two Goombas, they run back to their boss, the Goomba King. Once Mario encounters the Goomba King, he must defeat him in order to find out the secret of how to get the bridge down. After getting the bridge back in place, Mario leaves Goomba Road and makes his way towards Toad Town.

Once in Town, Mario can choose to talk to a few of the figures in northern Toad Town or to go straight towards Shooting Star Summit. Once at Shooting Star Summit, Mario is greeted by a projection of Eldstar and the other Star Spirits, who then talk to Mario about what he should do before taking Bowser down.

He is told to go to the Koopa Bros. Fortress at the far side of Pleasant Path.

Chapter 1: Storming Koopa Bros. Fortress


After returning to Toad Town, Mario finds four darker colored Toads located at the east exit to town. Mario, who is puzzled about why he isn't allowed through, asks Melron for assistance on what he must do. Melron, who is curious about the dark Toads, decides to help Mario out. Mario sends him over to the Toads and Melron casts a powerful spell which turns the "Toads" back to their true forms, The Koopa Bros.! With their cover blown, the Koopa Bros. return to their fortress.

Mario, who is aware of the dangers that lay before him, heads off down the Pleasant Path. along this path, he finds a small village which is inhabited by Koopas, who have recently been attacked by forest creatures, Fuzzies. Although these blood sucking Fuzzies are taking the shells of the Koopas, Mario decides to help out. He then finds a green house owned by a Koopa named Kooper.

Kooper, who is aware of Mario's fighting powers, asks Mario to help fend off the Fuzzies. Mario chases a Fuzzy in Kooper's house back to the back end of the village. In a nearby forest, Mario can fight some Fuzzies along the way. At the end of the path, Mario finds four trees aligned equally. Mario finds the Fuzzy that has taken Kooper's shell. The Fuzzy challenges Mario to a small game in which Mario must find the tree the fuzzy has jumped into. After successfully finding the Fuzzy three times in a row, the Fuzzy will say he will stop attacking the village. Little does Mario know that the Fuzzy was lying.

The shell is then returned to Kooper, and in return asks Mario a simple favor. Kooper, to be like his idol, Kolorado, wants to travel to the Mushroom Kingdom. Mario allows Kooper to join the group. Mario is then ambushed by the Fuzzies upon exiting the area. After Mario defeats the Fuzzies, he exits the village and heads further to the Koopa Bros. Fortress. Along the way, Mario must fix a bridge and find his way to a mossy building. Past this building is the fortress he seeks.

The Koopa Bros. Fortress is not guarded on the outside, but as soon as Mario enters, a Black Ninja Koopa, one of the four Koopa Bros., encounters Mario. After realizing that Mario has made it here, he runs off to tell his boss the news. Mario must head toward the middle of the fortress and encounter the Green Ninja Koopa. Mario finds a few cages along a long hallway that leads to a tall tower. Mario can access the outside portions from the back of the fortress. Mario can also go up the stairs, but a trap, created by the Yellow Ninja Koopa, is activated by a ? Block. Activating the trap will bring Mario into the main prison cell at the bottom of the Fortress.

Inside the prison cell, Mario meets a pink Bob-omb, Bombette. Bombette asks Mario for help escaping the massive fortress. Mario and Bombette quickly blow up the wall with the crack in it, and Bombette joins Mario's party. A group of guards suddenly attack Mario, asking where he's going and why there is a hole in the cell. After the fight ends, Mario heads up to the top floor of the fortress.

The upper levels of the fortress consist of various traps and locked doors. Once up here, Mario is once again attacked by guards. As he makes his ways through, he finds ways to fall into the lower floors. After Mario makes it to the top floor, he is in for a surprise. He is encountered by the leader of the Koopa Bros., Red Ninja Koopa. With the help of the other Koopa Bros., Bullet Bills are launched at Mario. After Mario makes his way to the Koopa Bros., he fights and defeats the three Koopa bros. and makes his way into the Koopa Bros.'s Chamber.

Inside the Koopa Bros.'s inner sanctum, Mario finds himself face to face with the evil king Bowser???, who Mario finds out is actually the Koopa Bros. in disguise. Then the Koopa Bros. fight Mario and once Mario has defeated them, the Star Spirit, Eldstar, appears. Eldstar is saved by Mario and the spirit gives Mario a new ability to heal minor damage.

Chapter Conclusion

"And so Mario and friends beat the Koopa Bros. at their fortress and rescued the first Star Spirit. Still, six Star Spirits remain imprisoned, and they must save them as quickly as they can. The future of the Mushroom Kingdom, Star Haven and, of course, Princess Peach... lies in the hands of Mario... and his new friends. Their adventure has just begun."
― Chapter Conclusion

Chapter 2: The Mystery of Dry Dry Ruins

With the first of the seven Star Spirits in hand, Mario is ready to find the next. Thanks to Twink, Mario knows he must head to the southwestern portion of the Mushroom Kingdom. The only way to reach this section is by the train in south Toad Town. using Bombette, Mario is able to destroy the rock blocking the tracks and is able to get aboard the train.

The train has only one destination, that destination being Mt. Rugged, the only way into the Dry Dry Desert. Mario proceeds onward through the mountain and bumps into Parakarry, the mail carrier. Noticing he has dropped some letters along the way, Parakarry asks Mario for his assistance. With all three of the letters returned, Parakarry asks Mario if he can join the team. As the game proceeds, Mario makes his way to a large bridge on the east side of the mountain. Here, he meets a Buzzard and must correctly choose to say that he is Luigi to avoid a fight.

At the Dry Dry Desert, Mario finds the famous archaeologist, Kolorado. Kolorado explains that he is on his way to find the Dry Dry Ruins and uncover its secrets. Mario asks where he can find the Dry Dry Outpost, and Kolorado tells him it is just down the road. Proceeding onward, Mario finds his path full of Bandits, Pokeys, and Tweesters.

At the Outpost, Mario finds a Nomadimouse leave his shop, curious as to why, Mario follows this swift mouse. After successfully tracking down the rat, he finds a mouse in a cloak. Mario asks this mouse about the Dry Dry Ruins and the Nomadimouse tells him he only gives information to "nice guys". To hear this information, Mario must travel south to the oasis to find a lemon. Using this lemon, Mario is able to receive the information about Moustafa.

With this information, Mario sets off to the shop in the Outpost, the shopkeeper, responding to the way Mario is buying products, tells Mario the whereabouts of Moustafa. Heading towards the door at the back of the town, Mario finds there is no guard at the door anymore. After climbing up to see Moustafa, he finds out that the mouse he saw earlier was actually Moustafa. Moustafa gives Mario the needed relic to enter the Dry Dry Ruins, the Pulse Stone.

With the Pulse Stone in hand, Mario sets out to find the Dry Dry Ruins, being attacked by Bandits and Pokeys along the way. In the northwestern corner of the desert, Mario finds the Dry Dry Ruins and must use the Pulse Stone on the lone rock. Once the Pulse Stone is used, a large tremor begins, and both Kolorado and Moustafa feel it, both with different reactions.

In the Ruins, Mario finds several sand based traps and a few mummies. Upon entering the Ruins, Mario is greeted by a spooky noise which is none other than Tutankoopa. By using keys and solving puzzles, Mario finds his way into the deeper regions of the Ruins. By using a staircase, Mario finds a way to sneak into a large room with a treasure chest. Tutankoopa warns him to turn back and Mario, proceeding onward, receives a new hammer. Unlike his old one, this hammer has the ability to break stone blocks.

It is in the deeper sections of the ruins that Mario finds the first of the three Stone Chomps. These powerful guards of the Dry Dry Ruins are fierce and deadly. Mario must attack each of them with his powerful new hammer. Afterwards, Mario heads back up to the upper portions where he finds another stone guarded by a chomp. From here, Mario must go into a deeper area again and find another sand puzzle. After the puzzle is solved, Mario heads down and finds the final Stone Chomp and defeats it. With the three stones of the Ruins, Mario finds a secret pass leading further down. Mario heads down the path and prepares for the fight against Tutankoopa.

Tutankoopa uses several Chain Chomps to try and defeat Mario. After things start to look bleak, Tutankoopa starts using magic to defeat Mario. After Mario endures the pain, Tutankoopa accidentally harms himself and falls to the ground, giving Mario the chance to defeat him. With Tutankoopa defeated, Mario saves the second Star Spirit, Mamar.

Chapter 3: The Invincible Tubba Blubba

With Mamar in hand, Mario must proceed with his adventure. Using the train, Mario makes his way to Toad Town and finds Fice T. scared stiff. Asking what the toad is so frightened about, and as soon as Fice T. starts talking, he is interrupted by a Boo which Mario doesn't see. Suddenly, Mario sees the ghost float back into the woods on the east. Mario follows the ghost only to enter Forever Forest, a forest shrouded in darkness. The ghost sees Mario and tells him his name, Bootler, and requests his arrival at his master's mansion which is deep in the woods. Knowing this information, Mario seeks out the mansion in the woods, getting lost in the Forever Forest. Mario seeks out guidance from a guard who tells Mario that the forest is full of many dangers that lurk in the paths.

At Boo's Mansion, Mario is greeted by Bootler, a loyal servant to Lady Bow. He tells Mario that his master seeks help from Mario so he should hurry through the mansion. Inside is a sofa that leads up into the chandelier, before Mario can use this, he finds a record in the dresser. The only problem is that there were also many Boos in it too. Mario successfully beats the Boos and obtains the record. Using this record with the gramophone on the second floor of the manor, Mario tricks a boo guarding a treasure chest. Inside the chest is a weight to be used to put it on the chandelier. With the chandelier down, Mario can access the secret passage.

In the lower level of the mansion, Mario finds a door that leads into a peculiar room. Inside this room is a treasure chest, much like the one in Dry Dry Ruins. Inside this chest are the Boos from earlier, however, they have a more powerful item now, the Super Boots. These boots are then taken by Mario once he beats the Boos again. Mario, now knowing that he has been trapped in, thinks of a way out of the room.

Mario goes back into the ground floor of the mansion, in doing so he finds a panel similar to the one in the room with the Super Boots. Mario uses this panel to go into the basement again and uncover a secret library located in the manor. Here, Mario finds a portrait. Mario, with this odd item, ventures off onto the second floor to get answers. Mario finds a picture with no portrait, and with this item, Mario uses it to fix the painting. The painting, in generosity towards Mario, lets him access the top floor of the manor. Mario finally enters the top floor and confronts Lady Bow. She tells Mario about the Star Spirit that Tubba Blubba has captured. Lady Bow explains that she has the Star Spirit Scholar, but tells him that in order to obtain the spirit, Mario must defeat Tubba Blubba who has been eating Bow's people. Bow, who insists on helping, joins Mario's team.

Mario and Bow venture off to Gusty Gulch. Aware of that dangers ahead, Mario decides to help out the Boos at the gulch. At the end of the rocky path, Mario finds himself at Tubba Blubba's Castle. Inside the castle are many Clubba Guards. The guards are asleep but Mario accidentally wakes them by running past. Later in the castle, Mario finds a Boo who provides him with vital information. As Mario progresses further into the castle, he finds himself high above the rest of the castle on a bridge. As Mario passes the bridge, he finds Tubba Blubba the invincible. Mario bypasses the fiend and finds the key to his quarters. Inside Tubba Blubba's room, Mario comes face to face with a key by the name of Yakkey.

Yakkey explains that he is a key to the windmill in Gusty Gulch, the place where Tubba Blubba's largest secret lies. Mario, given this information, heads straight towards the windmill. Tubba Blubba, who is angered by the invasion, runs after Mario, destroying the bridge in the center of the castle. Boos that have come to fend off Tubba Blubba are greeted by Mario who has just exited the castle. The Boos stop the door, blocking Tubba Blubba's exit. Mario then heads towards the windmill, and once there, jumps inside the hole. Mario finds himself in a few narrow passages. And at the end of the passages is Tubba Blubba's Heart.

Tubba Blubba's Heart becomes angered that Mario has entered his inner sanctum and Mario must battle the heard. During this fight, Mario is attacked by the heart's most dangerous attack. This attack dealing more than ten damage. Unfortunately, the heart fails to defeat Mario with this attack. In his frightfulness, Tubba Blubba's Heart runs out of the Windmill. Mario then follows the evildoer and at the end of the tunnels, Mario encounters the heart again and he leaves the windmill. Upon exiting, Tubba Blubba and the heart reunite and Mario has his final battle with Tubba Blubba. With the heart, Tubba Blubba is no longer invincible and is incredibly week. Mario defeats him with a single jump attack and after his defeat, Tubba Blubba runs off crying. Bow, thanking Mario for his services, gives Mario the Star Spirit.

Chapter 4: Trials in the Toy Box

With the third Star Spirit in hand, Scholar, Mario heads off to Toad Town where he will hopefully find the fourth Star Spirit. On his way, Mario is faced by Jr. Troopa again. Here, Jr. Troopa and Mario have a battle where Mario defeats Jr. Troopa for the third time. Mario heads back to Toad Town and after arriving, meets with Jr. Troopa again and the child runs off. Mario enters the inner streets of the city, only to find that it is in peril. Mario heading off in search for someone who can help. Upon adventuring into the town, Mario finds many people to be robbed and attack by the Shy Guy menace that is terrorizing the town. Mario quickly looks around and eventually finds an empty house on the west side of town. Mario sees a Shy Guy enter the room and hide. The Shy Guy opens a secret door and Mario follows. Mario finds a secret room filled with only a large box. Mario opens this box and is suddenly is pulled inside.

Mario walks down one of the paths inside the box to find a group of mysterious Shy Guys, each holding a different item. Mario attacks these thieves and obtains the calculator which was stolen from Rowf. Mario heads down the path at the Blue Station and finds Kammy Koopa who uses her magic to create a dastardly enemy depending on what Peach told her. Mario finds his way through a large hallway full of Jack-in-the-Boxes and giant blocks. At the end of this ride is a box guarded by the monster Kammy placed. Inside the chest is a Storeroom Key, this key being the motivation for Mario to venture out of the Toy Box and back to Toad Town.

Unaware of what the key can be used for, Mario leaves the Toy Box and goes back into Toad Town. At town he sees that it is still under the assault of the Shy Guys and with haste, he runs to the southern shop in Toad Town. Here, Mario gives the key to the store owner. In thanks, he lets Mario have any of the items that are laid out on the ground, Mario must pick up an odd Toy Train, and with the toy, he heads back to the Toy Box where, at the box, he throws the toy into the box. The train will fall into the box and land on the tracks laid outside. Mario, giddy and curious, jumps back inside the Toy Box.

Inside of the box is where the Toy Train fell. Mario goes to the station and converses with the conductor. Here is where the conductor tells Mario that the trail is fully functional and that the Pink Station is not all that far. Mario takes a ride and goes to the Pink Station. At the second station, Mario finds a new path heading east. Along that path are more Jack-in-the-Boxes and tricky Shy Guys. Near the end of this path, Mario finds a door-like wall that will not budge. Suddenly, a Shy Guy comes from the other side. Mario keeps pushing the wall while the Shy Guy pushes the other side. Then Mario falls into the other side of that wall. Along the next path, Mario comes across a treasure chest, guarded by another one of Kammy Koopa's creatures. Inside the treasure chest is an odd Frying Pan. With the pan in hand, Mario heads for the exit of Shy Guy's Toy Box.

With the pan in hand, Mario leaves and heads back into Toad Town. At the large city, Mario finds more Shy Guys have overrun the place. Mario runs towards Tace T., in her large yellow house at the center of town, where Mario must give her her frying pan back. In thanks, Tace T. gives Mario a special treat, a delicious cake baked up for Mario from the frying pan. Now that the pan has been given back to Tace T., Mario leaves Toad Town and reenters the Toy Box.

Once Mario reenters the Toy Box, he should head for the Pink Station, this time taking the western bound path instead of the east. On this path, he meets a large Fat Guy named Gourmet Guy. This guy will not move from the spot unless Mario gives him something delicious to eat. In which case Mario should give him the cake that Tace T. made him. Mario gives the Gourmet Guy the cake, and in relief, Gourmet Guy flies into the air. Mario picks up the cookbook he dropped and goes along his way. At the end of the path, Mario finds a switch. By pulling the switch, Mario activates the track, allowing the train to progress onward to the Green Station. Mario heads back to the station and goes off to make it to the third station.

Here, Mario sees four large blocks each a different color. Mario must run past them to proceed onward. Along the path, he will come across a Shy Guy holding an odd note. And upon defeating this Shy Guy and his posse, Mario obtains the mysterious note. Mario proceeds onward to find a slot machine. Past this machine is a bunch of moving blocks, by traveling up these blocks, Mario finds the third treasure chest guarded by Kammy's guard. Mario opens the chest and receives the Dictionary stolen from Russ T.

With the Dictionary and the Mysterious Note in hand, Mario heads off to Russ T.'s house in northwestern Toad Town. Mario must run past many Shy Guys to get there. At the home of Russ T., Mario returns the dictionary, and in thanks, Russ T. gives Mario a single Star Piece for his efforts. At that time, Mario asks Russ T. to help him decipher the note. With the dictionary in hand, Russ T. deciphers the strange note. Mario reads the newly translated note reading "Yellow, Green, Red, Blue", and heads off to the Green Station once again. Once at the station he hits the mysterious blocks at the station. Mario, upon hitting the blocks in the right order, saves the track that proceeds onward to the Red Station. Mario gets aboard the train and goes to the fourth and final stations.

When Mario enters the station and leaves through the western path. Along the path, Mario finds many platforms that fly into the air and spin around. At the end of this path, Mario will find a room filled with a pitch-black shadow. Mario, a little frightened, enters the dark room. Suddenly, he is attacked by a Big Lantern Ghost. The ghost catches Mario by surprise, but Mario is able to defeat him. After the fight, the Lantern Ghost sprints off and drops his lantern in the process. Mario breaks the lantern in hopes of gathering light. Inside was a little Sparky by the name of Watt. Watt, in thanks to Mario for saving her life, joins Mario and his party. With watt in his party, Mario goes off to fight General Guy.

Taking the eastern path, the final path, back at the Red Station. At the beginning of the path, Mario finds a large wall that his partner Bombette is able to explode. After the wall crumbles down, the Shy Guy Squad screams and runs off. Mario follows them and goes into another very dark room. In here, Bombette blows up another wall and Mario and his party enter the room to find General Guy, the leader of the Shy Guy army. Here, General Guy has a climactic battle with Mario.

The battle with General Guy consists of many waves of combat. First, the general guy sends out the Shy Guy Squad. The squad lowers Mario's resources just a little. After they are all defeated, one by one, General Guy sends out his next men, the Stilt Guys. The Stilt Guys use very basic and minor attacks. With the Stilt Guys defeated, General Guy has no other choice but to take out his top men, the Shy Stack, two groups of four Shy Guys who topple over each other. Once they are defeated, General Guy has no choice but to defeat Mario himself. General Guy hides in his Turbo Tank he and his men constructed before the fight. Using Watt, Mario is simply able to strike through the toy tank's defenses. After General Guy loses, he retreats and gives Mario the fourth Star Spirit, Muskular.

Chapter 5: Hot Hot Times on Lavalava Island

As soon as Mario meets Muskular after he defeated General Guy, Twink comes down from Peach's Castle and tells Mario of what is to come. Mario heads down to the western side of Toad Town, at the port. Mario, at the port, noticed a familiar person. He noticed the archaeologist and famous traveler, Kolorado. Mario asks him what he is doing and, in response, Kolorado says that he is urching to go to Lavalava Island. Mario asks why he doesn't get a boat and Kolorado says that this "Grand Tuna" is blocking the port. Mario gets to work.

Mario gets onto the fish and looks around. He does a Spin-Jump and the fish quakes. Mario runs off of the fish and the creature swims over the port. Kolorado asks the large tuna why he's here. The fish then yells at Kolorado, proclaiming he's wrong. The tuna states that he is not a tuna. In fact, he's not even a fish! The tuna says that he is a whale, the animal he actually is and Mario asks if he can help him out. The whale does then say that there is a problem inside of him. Mario enters upon the whale's permission and finds the dark mouth of the whale.

Mario heads into the Whale. Inside is not only wet and dank, it is also dark and moist. Mario heads into the deeper chamber of the whale. Inside, he met an odd fish who was trapped inside. Mario asks why he's here and the creature responds, saying that the whale ate him. Mario battles the fish after getting him riled up. Once he is defeated, the whale uses his spout and launches Mario into the sky. Mario flies out and lands in the port. Kolorado asks the whale and, thanks for taking care of that pest problem, allows Mario and Kolorado to use him for a ride to Lavalava Island.

Mario, with Kolorado, takes the Whale and crosses the vast ocean below the Mushroom Kingdom. Mario enters the Jungle Island of Lavalava. At the beginning of their time on the vast island, Kolorado is attacked. Mario saves the day by attacking the Jungle Fuzzies that were down there. Mario and Kolorado quickly run through the beach on the south side of the island. After the beach, Mario finds himself in a Small village inhabited primarily by Yoshi's. Here, Mario asks the village Elder where the volcano is. The Elder says that it is just down the way, due east. Mario heads with Kolorado to Mt. Lavalava.

At the base of the volcano, Mario finds Kolorado. Kolorado is in pains trying to access the mountain. Kolorado asks Mario if he knows anything about how to enter the massive mountain. Mario answers, not knowing anything on the subject. Afterward, Kolorado runs back into the town. On the way, he tricks Mario, saying that he has been attacked yet again. Upon Mario's arrival, Kolorado tells him that he was just joking around. Mario follows him into the Yoshi Village. When the village is entered, Mario noticed the town was in an uproar. The Yoshi's were running about, screaming and flailing. Mario asked the Elder what is going on. The Elder replies, saying that the kids have gone missing into the jungle. Mario, aware of the kids' mischievousness, runs into the jungle.

Mario walks through the beginnings of the jungle and finds some odd plants that attacked him. Upon his arrival to a large tree, Mario hears voices. Sushie, the caretaker for the Yoshi Kids, asks Mario for assistance. She is stuck in a large tree and needs to find the Yoshis. Mario, with a few whacks of his hammer, saves Sushie and, in return, Sushi becomes the next member of Mario's party. With Sushie in the crew, Mario swims past a river and finds a Yoshi Kid. The kid goes back into the Yoshi Village and Mario proceeds onward. Mario finds the second kid, but he is guarded by a couple of Putrid Piranhas. After the Piranhas have been defeated, Mario saves another Yoshi kid. After this kid had been saved, Mario proceeds to the third Yoshi kid. Using Sushi, Mario was able to swim through parts of the jungle and finds a secret area a Yoshi kid got trapped in. After Mario gets to this area, the Yoshi stops crying and heads to the Yoshi Village. Once that kid was saved, Mario headed toward the western part of the jungle. Here, Mario helps out a Yoshi that was stuck in a tree. Mario then heads for the most western side of the vast jungle. By pushing bushes aside, Mario gets to the crying Yoshi kid. However, a group of M. Bushes attack Mario and his party.

With the Yoshis saved, Mario heads back into the village only to find the village back to normal and peace roaming through it. Mario finds the Yoshi Elder and the elder rewards him with a sacred artifact from the Yoshi tribe. He gives Mario the Jade Raven, a sacred item used to call Raphel the Raven. With this powerful stone, Mario proceeds onward toward the sacred tree Rapheal lives in. Along the way through the jungle, Mario finds a statue, similar to that of the one in the village. He uses the Jade Raven and a quake occurs thus opening a new path. This path has many puzzles for Mario to solve and at the path's end, he encounters a fierce group of Piranha Plants. These plants engage an attack on Mario only to be defeated. Fortunately, this marked the entrance way to Raphel's Tree.

Here, Mario climbs the towering tree and, at the top, encounters Raphel, himself. The Raven, enraged of Bowser's deeds, calls upon his underlings and helps out Mario. Mario and the Ravens fall down onto the ground and activate a fallen tree thus opening a gateway into the volcano's side. Mario, as thanks for his deeds thus far, is given the sacred Ultra Stone by Raphel. The other ravens build a device that is used to traverse the lava river guarding Mt. Lavalava. Maria heads out and gets into the mountain. Kolorado follows.

Once inside, Mario encounters a piranha who says that he has to report back to his boss, Lava Piranha. Mario follows the plant down the path only to find a room filled with a huge lava pool. Mario and Kolorado jump from rock to rock in hopes of proceeding through the mountain. At the end of this path, Mario finds himself going down a huge room with grapple hooks. At the bottom of the vast room, Mario enters an eastern tunnel. This tunnel, too, seems to be filled with lava, however, with brave wits, Mario finds a way to solve this puzzle. By pushing the upper blocks into the lava, Mario is able to block the lava's flow thus emptying it from the room. Afterward, Mario heads further eastward. In this last room, Mario finds yet another pool of lava. By using the blocks in this room in a similar fashion to those in the last, Mario, with help of Parakarry, flies over the river of lava. On the other side, he finds a large chest similar to the one in Dry Dry Ruins and Boo's Mansion. He opens it only to find the Ultra Hammer.

With the newfound help of the Ultra Hammer, Mario vanquishes many blocks and enters the western side of the volcano. Here, he meets Kolorado yet again. Kolorado, in haste for finding the treasures in the mountain, runs past Mario; so far in-fact, he runs over the ledge. Kolorado says that he's fine and tells Mario to go on ahead. Upon leaving this area and proceeding onward, Mario is attacked by a Spiny Tromp, a rolling enemy with many spikes. Mario barely escapes alive, and goes into the next room. Here, Mario uses his Ultra Hammer to bust down blocks, uncovering another Spiny Tromp. Upon walking through this area, Mario encounters Kolorado once again. The Tromp goes down the steps and crashes into Kolorado and then into the wall behind.

Mario chases the Tromp down, but eventually finds it. The Spiny Tromp had crashed into another wall and stuck, causing destruction along the path. Kolorado questions where the treasure is and how to get it. Mario realizes there was another path and takes it. This path leads down into an area with a circular lava pit. Once Mario draws near, a quake occurs. The dreaded Lava Piranha flies out of the pit and greets Mario. Mario grabs his hammer and prepares for the fight about to commence. Lava Piranha tells Mario that he is indeed the holder of the fifth Star Spirit and will fight to keep her. They battle!

Lava Piranha and Mario begin their climactic clash and Mario attacks the beast. Lava Piranha uses his spouts to cause massive fire attacks as well as attack with his mouth. Mario quickly endures and dodges each attack and pounds the Piranha. Unfortunately, the fight hasn't really commenced yet... Lava Piranha quickly sinks down into the lava pit in which he rose and the music becomes faster and upbeat. Lava Piranha comes up and starts catching flames, sticks his tongue out, and attacks Mario. Kolorado "comes to the rescue" only to run into the pit of lava under the massive plant. Afterward, he runs behind Mario and wishes him the best of luck. Lava Piranha attacks Mario and, with the help of Sushi, Mario cripples the giant Piranha Plant. Mario quickly uses this moment and defeats the huge lava creature.

Upon defeating Lava Piranha, Mt. Lavalava begins a massive eruption. The Star Spirit, Misstar, who was captured by Lava Piranha, aids Mario in escaping the mountain. Mario, Kolorado, Misstar, and the rest of the gang run west and find a cracked wall. Here, Mario uses the help of Bombette and runs down the newly created path. At the end of this path is the lost treasure Kolorado seeks. Unfortunately, it is on a tall platform that no one can reach. Misstar quickly saves Mario and Kolorado's lives by flying up and grabbing each of them. The volcano erupts and the treasure flies off into the jungle.

Chapter 6: Dark Days in Flower Fields

After searching the Jungle for the treasure that flew out of Mt. Lavalava, Mario finds the lost chest containing this sacred item. He opens the chest only to find the ancient Volcano Vase. This vase holds the key to the ancients of Lavalava Island. Mario, with the lost vase, heads toward Yoshi Village to confront Kolorado with his findings. At the village, Kolorado, is bombarded by Mario and the vase is given to him. In thanks, Kolorado gives Mario the fourth Magic Seed that was lost in the jungle. Mario takes the seed and they take the whale back to Toad Town.

Here, Mario finds Jr. Troopa, who swam all across the seas from Toad Town to Lavalava Island and back to Toad Town. Here, Mario and the child Koopa do battle. Unfortunately for Jr. Troopa, his HP was cut short by the energy he lost while swimming. Mario defeats him, even after the magic he used made him almost impenetrable. At any rate, Mario headed back to the garden in Toad Town Square.

At the garden in the center of Toad Town, he planted the four seeds he got from the mountain, forest, city, and jungle respectively. Mario, by doing this, unknowingly unleashed the sole doorway into Flower Fields, a lost sanctum of flowers and plant life. Mario entered the realm, unaware of the dangers that were to be laid before him.

Upon entering Flower Fields, Mario was talked to by the giant tree, the Wise Wisterwood. The tree spoke of the dangerous cloudy sky that had laid waste to Flower Fields and wicked Huff N. Puff, the leader of Bowser's troops in the area. Mario quickly searched the area in hopes of finding the three mystical items used to enter the high up Cloudy Climb. He headed toward the eastern side of the field. Here, he found many Crazy Dazees and Bzzaps. None of these enemies took Mario down, but once he got to the end of this road, he found a flower named Petunia.

Petunia asked Mario why he was here, and Mario answered nicely and asked her if she was in possession of the Fertile Soil. She said yes, but she would only give this item to Mario if he took down the rude moles in the area. Mario quickly set out to work and took out every Monty Mole in the area. After the moles were defeated, Petunia thanked Mario and gave him the sacred Magic Bean.

With the bean, Mario left the area, but before that, he noticed a berry tree. He gave it a whack of his hammer and took the Red Berry for later. Mario went southwest of the central area of Flower Fields and saw a flower guarding the gate. This guard would only let someone pass through if they're given an item they've wanted. Something very delicious. Mario searched his satchel, but nothing came up. But then, he noticed the Red Berry he took earlier. He gave the berry to the flower and the flower let Mario pass through.

At the end of this road, filled with enemies and plant life, he encountered a lovely spring. At this spring, he sees a flower, but this flower was nothing ordinary, to say the least. It was connected to the diamond tree that was rooted behind her. Mario talked to the plant, and she responded by giving him the Fertile Soil item. On his way out of the area, he noticed yet another berry tree. This tree, unlike the Red Berry one, had yummy Yellow Berries in it instead.

With the Fertile Soil and the Magic Bean, Mario ran toward the sacred spring to the east. Another flower guard stood at the gate toward this spring. Mario gently fed this flower the Yellow Berry, and the guard, pleased as he was, left the gate open for Mario. This gate, too, led to a long road to a sacred local in Flower Fields.

At the end of the road guarded by the Yellow Flower, Mario finds Lily. Lily, much to Mario's dismay, is in a state of desperation and fear. Mario, unaware of the spring's regular state, he finds the empty spring with Lily inside. He talks to her, but she tells him he cannot do much here, as she has not her Water Stone, the source of the water in Flower Fields. She tells him that Lakitus in the north stole the stone.

Mario left, knowing where to go. By traveling with the Blue Berry, found in the tree near Lily's spring, Mario makes his way to the northern Hedge Maze. Here, Mario encounters Lakitus and they drop the Water Stone nearby. Mario battles the Lakitus and defeats them. Afterward, he walks forward into the maze. At the end of the maze, he met Rosie. Rosie, as self-absorbed and pretentious as she is, forces Mario to get a new crystal to replace this one if Mario thinks he can just take it.

Mario then heads toward a place with a shinier crystal to take. So he heads down south again. Here, Mario finds Posie, the flower who gave Mario the Fertile Soil. She uses the tree behind her to produce a Crystal Berry to help Mario in his predicament. Using the Crystal Berry and traversing back past the Hedge Maze, Mario talks to Rosie again. She gives Mario the Water Stone and Mario replaces it with the Crystal Berry. Afterward, Mario heads back to Lily in the east. It is here, he returns the water to Flower Fields. Lily thanks Mario and gives him the third sacred item, the Miracle Water.

Unfortunately, even though he has the three items, he doesn't have Sunlight to make the Bean Stalk. Mario heads up to the tower in the Northwest. In the area where Lily was, there was a tree Mario can find and give the Bubble Berry in that tree to the flower in this area so that he can fly toward the northwestern section. Here, he makes his way to this tower. At the top of this ancient tower, he finds the Sun. She tells Mario that the Puff-Puff Machine that Huff N. Puff had made has created a deadly stream of clouds that she cannot make through.

On his way back from the tower, Mario finds a young Lakitu by the name of Lakilester. This punk kid wants to defeat Mario for lord Huff N. Puff. Mario takes this well and the two do battle. Mario defeats Lakilester like any other Lakitu and then, suddenly, his girlfriend Lakilulu, comes down. She scolds Mario for injuring her beloved. Afterward, Lakilester proclaims to want to join Mario and his crew. Lakilulu says it is too dangerous and he shouldn't, but, with some sweet talk, he ends up joining Mario.

Mario heads toward this Puff-Puff Machine in the northeastern section of Flower Fields. Here, Mario solves puzzles and makes his way to the machine. Three Lakitus and a Magikoopa are alarmed that Mario had made his way here and then attack. But, of course, Mario defeats them all. In their desperation, they leave to warn Huff N. Puff. Mario and Lakilester destroy the Machine and bring some light to Flower Fields.

With the sun out, Mario heads to the Wise Wisterwood. He thanks Mario for his services thus far and tells him to finish this in Cloudy Climb. Mario uses the Fertile Soil, Magic Bean, and Miracle Water to create the Bean Stalk and climb up to Cloudy Climb, way up into the sky. Mario finds himself face to face with Huff N. Puff, the master of this area.

The fight with Puff is not easy. Huff N. Puff uses deadly lightning attacks that damage Mario's partner's as well. Nevertheless, Mario is able to attack Huff N. Puff with ease. Puff uses his minions to attack as well, causing some extra dangers for Mario. Here, Mario defeats Huff N. Puff, exploding him, revealing the sixth Star Spirit, Klevar.

Chapter 7: A Star Spirit on Ice

With the sixth Star Spirit, Mario went back to Toad Town in search of the final one. It was back in town, he encountered Merlon who told him with his Ninji friend about the Shiver Region, an icy area to the far northeast, accessible only through the deepest reaches of Toad Town Tunnels. With this vital information, Mario set off. He entered the warp pipe into the tunnels, unaware of what lied in store.

Inside the dark and damp tunnels, Mario found trash and green liquid that turned out to be dirty water. Many enemies attacked, but Mario outwitted and defeated them. Inside one room, Mario encounters many spikes. With the help of Lakilester from Flower Fields, he is able to float over them and enter the deepest reaches of Toad Town Tunnels. It is in this are, the dark tunnels get more fierce with a stench and get even more dangerous. At the end of the tunnel, a large treasure chest awaited Mario. This secret room, houses the ultimate in footware, the Ultra Boots! With the newly obtained Ultra Boots, Mario is able to leave these deep reaches of the tunnels and proceed into the farthest away area.

In this final area of Toad Town Tunnels, Mario finds Chet Rippo in a secret room. After shopping for his "goods", Mario goes back into one of the previous rooms and wonders what the emptiness means. He gives a tall jump and unveils an invisible ? block. With more jumps he made, Mario found many more and eventually made a bridge of the blocks. After jumping over each block, he made it to the blue door on the other side. After this door, he found another warp pipe. He went inside only to find the frigid far room of Toad Town Tunnels. In here, he found yet another warp pipe, this one leading to the foreign Shiver Region.

Shiver City, the place distant from most of the mushroom kingdom; Mario would have never thought he'd be here on this adventure. He ventured forth through the city and eventually talked to the town mayor's wife. She said that her husband was in the next room of their lovely home. Mario needed to talk to him in order to leave the city through Shiver Snowfield. Mario entered the room, but was amazed and frightened as the Mayor was lying on the ground...dead.

Mario noticed the mayor's wife enter the room. He tried to calm her down, but there was no use in it. She called the guard penguin on the far side of town to get here. Mario tried defending his case, but nevertheless, he couldn't fully defend himself. The penguin told him he was to be faced with some kind of punishment and he should first stay in town. Mario left the house and went back into the town. He went near the frozen bond and jumped on it a couple of times in anger. He ended up accidentally breaking the ice and falling in. However, it turned out this was a good thing as there was a key in here.

Using the key he found, Mario headed off into the locked building on the east side of town. He then climbed up the stairs and used the conveniently placed jump pad to enter the roof of the tall building. He slid off of the roof and landed himself into the chimney of the next building. He talked to startled penguin inside and he turned out to be the great Herringway, the penguin mystery novelist. He chatted with Mario and Mario mentioned the Mayor's condition and how he was framed. Herringway suddenly then rushed down to the mayor's house to set things straight.

At the mayor's house, Mario, the guard, Herringway, and the mayor's wife sat down and talked about what has happened. Abruptly, the mayor penguin gets up and asks everyone around what has happened. Herringway and Mario explain the situation and what has been going on. The mayor forgives Mario and lets him proceed into the Shiver Snowfield. He then gives Herringway a gift, the item that knocked him out earlier, and Herringway thanks him for it and leaves. Everyone else leaves as well and Mario goes on to Starborn Valley on the far side of Shiver Showfield.

In the field, Mario encounters an old friend, Jr. Troopa. The two do battle once again, but much to Jr. Troopa's dismay, he fails. He complains about how even his new found magical powers couldn't beat Mario and gets frozen solid. Mario heads off forward. The path ahead is filled with many snowstorms and ice-based creatures, but nothing of that magnitude can defeat Mario. At the end of the long road, Mario encounters a giant shadow beast by the name of Monstar. Monstar asks him to go back and leave forever, but Mario says no and the two fight. It turns out that the Monstar was actually several Star Kids. These kids from Starborn Valley lead Mario to the entrance of the small village.

At the town, Mario sees Merlon's son, Merle. Merle tells Mario of what has to done to enter the high-up reaches of Shiver Mountain. Atop that mountain is the sacred and ancient Crystal Palace. Mario is handed the Scarf, one of the two items used to enter Shiver Mountain. Merle wishes Mario luck and tells him to go back to Shiver City. Mario leaves Starborn Valley, hoping he will one day return.

Once Mario makes his way to Shiver City, he talks to the Mayor and sees if there is any information about Shiver Mountain. He tells Mario that he does have some info to offer and gives Mario the second item he needs, the Bucket. With both the Bucket and Scarf, Mario proceeds toward Shiver Mountain's base. In the fields of snow, he finds some eight or so snowmen, lined up next to a straight cliff. Mario gives the snowmen that are missing accessories the items he has obtained thus far. Suddenly a large quake occurs and the mountain starts to rise. Upon the new wall that had risen, a crystal doorway opens for Mario. He enters the sole gateway of Shiver Mountain.

Inside Shiver Mountain, Mario finds a cool breeze and dangerous puzzles. Once such puzzle was one with pebbles and a type of item placed inside a pedestal. Once removed, a crystal wall would fall, blocking the further path. If Mario wanted the items, his best bet would be to use the near pebbles to fill the pedestal. Afterward, he was free to proceed onward. Another puzzle involved the dreaded and mysterious Dooplighosts. These creatures take on the form of a nearby object. They took the form of Kooper and tricked Mario.

At the long road's end, atop Shiver Mountain, Mario finds himself near a large unbreakable mirror. This mirror noted the gateway into the Crystal Palace. Mario opened the door into the ancient and mysterious place. Once inside, he saw yet another mirror in the same spot as the last, as if it was the same large mirror going through the entire building, separating half of it.

The palace proves to be a dangerous and troublesome expedition for Mario. Even the trek inside the polished rooms of the palace proved to be a frightening task. The building, cold and horrific, was unrelenting with guards and puzzles. By using statues and his partners, Mario was able to get deeper and deeper into the palace. Along the way, he eventually found ways to enter the top half of the Crystal Palace. Near the end of the palace, he found some odd puzzles like one in which statues of Albino Dino that when moved, the corresponding statue of the other side of the mirror moved as well, or another when the panel in the floor on one side broke, a hole was suddenly made on the other side of the mirror, or others that used the reflections to give hints as to what to do.

At the end of the palace, Mario found the most difficult of the puzzles thus far. He had to move the statues of Albino Dinos, so the actual dinos on the other side moved with them. By moving the statues to the correct locations, Mario solved the puzzle and entered the final room of the Crystal Palace. At the end of the palace, he found a cliff covered in snow and crystals. He made it to the end, and was greeted by the new master of the palace, the wicked, yet powerful, Crystal King.

The Crystal King and Mario entered combat against each other for the seventh Star Spirit. The battle between the two was long and hard for both parties. The king and his crystals used deadly ice attacks and his own unique attack, Divide and Conquer to nearly defeat Mario. At the end of the harsh battle, Mario quickly saw his advantage when seeing through his illusions and went in for the kill. Upon his death, the Crystal King asked Bowser for forgiveness and disappeared. After his leave, the seventh spirit, Kalmar rose up and thanked Mario for all of his efforts thus far. The final battle with Bowser was to come shortly.

Chapter 8: A Star-Powered Showdown

With all seven Star Spirits, Mario proceeded back down Shiver Mountain all of the way into Shiver City. He took the warp pipe home to Toad Town to prepare the final battle that was inevitable. Mario and his party left the town going north, bound for Shooting Star Summit.

At the summit, many stars kept falling and the place seemed cold and desolated. At the top of the mountain, Eldstar, the leader of the Star Spirits, greeted Mario and told him about the only way up into Star Haven. Mario asked him how this is possible, and the Star Spirits appeared and united their power to open Star Road, the only pass leading into the heavens.

Mario took the path of Star Road and viewed the vast system of stars and colors that were placed before him. It was truly remarkable and beautiful. At the top of Star Road, Mario finally found himself in the realm of stars, Star Haven. Here, he made the final preparations for the fights to come and then left eastward into the sacred chamber of the Star Spirits.

It was in this sacred room, Mario found the spirits, revived and powerful. They discussed the plan of battle and banded their strengths together to give Mario the ultimate attack. This attack in question is the legendary Star Beam. This beam of light is only achievable to those who are thanked by the Star Spirits in such a way as Mario has. This is also the only possible way to counteract the Star Rod and its powers. Eldstar and the rest of the spirits also give Mario one final gift. A legendary machine used to traverse the sky, powered by the wishes of the Mushroom Kingdom, was this gift.

With the flying machine in tow, Mario was now able to make his trek into Bowser's Castle way up in the sky. Mario gathered his party, and flew across space to find Bowser. Along the way, those in Toad Town began to wish for the return of Princess Peach and the savior of their lands. Mario safely traversed his way into Bowser's Castle, fully equipped and prepared.

Mario left the Koopa Clown Car-filled docking bay and proceeded through the front door. Here, Mario says many lava-based machines and deadly traps. Even the armed guards in the area proved to be a challenge for Mario. At the end of a long hallway, Mario found a dark gray room, filled with stones with Bowser's face on them and a giant door with Bowser's face. The door suddenly spoke to Mario and told him not to go any further, but then said that he could just go on ahead. Mario unwittingly proceeded onward and fell through a trap door in the floor. The door laughs on how easy it was to trick Mario.

Mario found himself on the bottom floor, in the prison cell in the area. Mario talked to the prisoners and noticed a crack in the wall. With the help of Bombette, Mario is able to go forward and exit the cell. In these next rooms, Mario must use the abilities of Lakilester and Parakarry to find a way into different machine rooms and the far east side of the castle. Eventually, he finds a room that controls the source of the flow. He defeats the guards and the Magikoopa in the room and shuts the flow of lava down, permanently.

With the lava hardened and stopped, Mario can traverse much quicker. Mario headed down and found the key in the area. With this key, he was able to unlock the door that kept the far side of the castle from him. Mario found himself now in dark dangerous caves. These caves proved to be blinding so Mario used the help of his friend Watt. She lit the place up nicely, but Mario also needed Parakarry at some spots so it was difficult for him to fly in the dark, especially since there were many guards in these rooms.

At the top of these caves, Mario finds a secret entrance to the room with all of the Bowser faces. Knowing how powerful Mario is and shocked at how he managed to get up there, the door lets Mario pass through. Mario heads forth into a large central room with many chandeliers. It is here, Mario solves a few more puzzles and enters a new area filled with strange wooden platforms. These platforms resemble the use of the ones found near water. By pulling on a nearby chain, Mario is able to raise the water level in the room and use Sushie to traverse the watery road. He climbs up and up the room and finds a key hidden near the top. Using the key, he finds the next room and it is even more dangerous than the last.

In this next room, Mario is attacked by more deadly version of the Bullet Bills from the Koopa Bros. Fortress. This room proved to challenge Mario's endurance, but nevertheless, Mario was able to prevail. Atop the room, was an entrance to a dark and strange room featuring more blocks with Bowser's face on them. By progressing through hidden passes and narrow rooms, he eventually finds himself face to face with the second door guard.

This second door guard is actually tougher than the last. He quizzes Mario using the room hidden behind this one and brings out several minions and then asks questions regarding who they were, what they were doing, where the went. If Mario fails to answer all but three questions, he is faced with three Anti-Guys, deadly enemies who can nearly kill Mario in a single turn. Mario, much to the door's dismay, past the test with flying colors and went forward into the castle.

This next room was outside of the castle, filled with guards and some treasures. At the end of the room, Mario found himself in yet another central-like room. This one very, very similar to the last. In one of the paths that lead forward, Mario found several torches lined up as if they were in a code. From that point on, Mario kept entering the same room over and over again. Using the torches like a code, Mario passed through the upper exit, lower exit, lower exit, upper exit, lower exit, and lastly the lower exit and passed into the next room.

At the end of these last paths, Mario found more guards and tricks, even one that Princess Peach. However, it wasn't the real princess as it was a Duplighost in disguise. Past that room, was the third and final door guard. This guard was more vicious than the last two. He brought out one of Bowser's secret weapons, the newly improved Koopa Bros. Suddenly, a loud scream is heard by all in the room, and Jr. Troopa defeats the Koopa Bros. and attacks Mario. The two fight for the final time. Jr. Troopa uses his previous forms and attacks on Mario, but efforts become fruitless. He fails at taking Mario down, whether or not he'd put up a good fight. The door guard becomes confused thinking that since Mario beat the guy who beat the Koopa Bros., does that mean Mario beat the Koopa Bros. He just lets Mario through, knowing that he can't beat lord Bowser anyway.

Mario made his way through Bowser's Castle and into the Princess Peach's Castle atop the skies. Mario entered some of the rooms and found a Toad hidden within a dresser. He asked Mario what he's doing here and decides to help him out. This Toad now offers the services of a Toad House, and heals up Mario. Mario heads up into the room where he fought Bowser the first time around. He and Bowser confront each other and then the fight begins. Bowser uses his almighty Star Rod to create a force field for himself. Mario uses the Star Beam to take down Bowser and his use of the rod. Afterward, they initiate regular battle. Upon Bowser's defeat, he retreats with Kammy Koopa, who is holding Peach aside. They fly up to the roof of the castle and Mario makes haste, following the two villains.

At the roof of the castle, Mario encounters Bowser for the final time. Here, on Bowser's new power machine, Kammy activates this odd device and Bowser grows giant and starts to gain an almost unlimited source of power. The two fight again! Sparks fly and Bowser gets dangerously injured. He uses the power of the Star Rod once again. Mario wittingly uses his Star Beam, but the power Bowser has gained has counteracted the beam. Bowser notices that attack is of no use to Mario now and pummels him. Twink flies down to attack Bowser. He feels the blow and wonders what it was.

Twink saves Peach and unties her. The two do battle with Kammy Koopa, leader of Bowser's forces. She attacks Twink with yellow blocks, Mario can smash with his hammer. Peach focuses her wishes to Twink in efforts to enhance his power. To Kammy's dismay, this proves to be her undoing as Twink gains more power and Kammy loses his attack power as Twink becomes nearly invincible. They defeat Kammy just in time to save Mario.

Bowser wonders what just happened to Kammy and the Star Spirits come to aid Mario and Peach. They enhance the powers of the Star Beam and with the help of Twink, it becomes the new Peach Beam. Bowser quickly turns around and attacks Mario again. Mario uses the Peach Beam initially to take down Bowser and weaken his abilities. This proves to actually work and Bowser becomes frustrated and starts using all-out-attacks on Mario. Eventually, Mario becomes able to defeat Bowser once and for all. After the battle ends, Bowser wakes Kammy up and she explains how the machine, connected to the castle of Bowser, is about to explode and the castle with it. Bowser becomes enraged and the machine starts exploding. The Star Spirits protect Mario, Peach, and Princess Peach's Castle from the attacks of the exploding device. It destroys the castle with it leaving only the castle of peach floating in the sky. The Star Spirits use their might and lower the castle back down to the ground and Mario returns the Star Rod. The Spirits and Twink leave for Star Haven.

The epilogue begins with Mario and Luigi talking about what has transpired. They leave the house and proceed into Toad Town where Mario can talk to almost every major character throughout the game, excluding villains. Once he enters Princess Peach's Castle, the Minister welcomes him and Peach enters. She asks all to enjoy this massive celebration and the End Credits roll. During the credits, a parade begins starting with Luigi and following is the partners Mario had in the game. All of the bosses, including Bowser, as well as many major characters like Kolorado, the Merlon family, Yoshis, Jr. Troopa, the Star Spirits, and many more appear in the parade as well. At the end of the parade, Mario and Peach are greeted by Twink and they leave for Mario's house. Here, they just sit by and watch fireworks go by. The game ends here, flashing THE END, and preventing anything else thus far except resetting or turning the power off.


In between chapters, gameplay shifts from Mario to Peach. As Peach, she often sneaks around the castle, which has been lifted into space, to learn and assist Mario in his quest to save her. Peach's gameplay differs from that of the rest of the game, including segments where she must cook a cake for a Fat Guy and look for hidden switches located around the castle.

Spoiler warning: Plot and/or ending details ends here.


Paper Mario was well received by critics. Critics, such as IGN's Matt Casamassina, praised the game's accessibility, while others complained about "brain-dead easy" puzzles and bosses requiring "basic strategy at best". Eurogamer compared Paper Mario to the previous Mario role-playing game, Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars, saying that "Paper Mario is a vastly superior game to SMRPG". RPGFan noted its similarities to Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars and questioned its name, due to the lack of insufficient gameplay features or aspects that justified the name.

The game's visuals were also met with favorable opinions. IGN noted some of the paper-based visual effects, such as Mario folding into a bed to sleep, but complained about character zoom-ins, as it reveals "a pixelated mass of colors". Other reviewers claimed that the novel graphical style was initially confusing, but it was eventually welcomed with GameSpot stating that it was "extremely well done". The audio was generally praised, however, most reviewers and critics note the absence of voice acting and character-specific sound effects.

Paper Mario was the top-selling game in Japan upon the first week of its release, selling 276,000 units. It was also the eighth best selling game from January to June 2001 in the US. Electronic Gaming Monthly placed it as one of the top 100 games of all time and Nintendo Power rated it as the 63rd best game made on a Nintendo system and the 13th greatest Nintendo 64 game of all time.


  • This game was originally going to be called Super Mario RPG 2, but was changed to Paper Mario instead due to legal problems with Square Enix, the co-developers of the original Super Mario RPG.
    • Of course, this is the second Mario RPG overall.
  • This is the first Mario RPG to use Star Points instead of Experience Points.
  • This is the first Mario RPG to have Bowser as the main antagonist. The second is in Paper Mario: Sticker Star, the third is in Mario & Luigi: Dream Team, the fourth is in Mario & Luigi: Paper Jam and the fifth is in Paper Mario: Color Splash.
  • Although he isn't a playable character, this is Luigi's first major role in a Mario RPG.
  • This is the first Mario RPG to be separated into chapters making game progress much easier.
  • Oddly, the Star Rod makes its major appearance in this game. The Star Rod is normally associated with the Kirby series.
  • This is the only Paper Mario game of the series where Mario's Pad can be accessed during any part of the game.
  • This is the last game to be released for the N64 in Australia.
  • This is, so far, the only Mario game to feature Boos as friendly characters. In every other Mario and Paper Mario game, they are hostile enemies.


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