Pandorite is an enemy that appears in Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars. The Pandorite is a small, ghost-like creature hidden inside of a treasure chest that can only be encountered in Kero Sewers. The Pandorite is also one of the few treasure chest enemies encountered in the game.


The Pandorite is capable of using a lot of powerful moves in battle. It can use Flame Wall to damage both Mario and Mallow. It can also use the deadly Carni-Kiss move which may be powerful enough to one-shot a character.


The Pandorite is a very tough opponent to face early on in the game as most of its moves can possibly one-shot either Mario or Mallow or both. The Pandorite is weak to Jump attacks meaning Mario should use his Super Jump against it. Mallow should focus on healing while Mario eventually brings the Pandorite down with his Jump attacks.

Special Moves


  • Its name is a parody of the Greek myth, Pandora's box.