A Pale Piranha is an enemy in Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door. They are black and white Piranha Plants found in Boggly Woods.


Pale Piranhas have four HP and have an attack power of two. Mario cannot jump on Pale Piranhas unless he uses the Spike Shield badge. Unlike more powerful Piranha Plants featured later in the game, Pale Piranhas do not have any breath attacks, and only attack Mario with their bites.

During Chapter 3 of The Thousand-Year Door, Mario meets a fighting team called the "Mind-Bogglers" in the Glitz Pit. This fighting team features a Pale Piranha, a Pider, and a Cleft. The Pale Piraha also appears to be the leader of the Mind Bogglers.


  • In the German version, they are normally Piranha Plants.
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