Paint Misbehavin' is a mini-game in Mario Party 8. It is one of the few 2 vs. 2 mini-games as well as a Duel Mini-game.


Each character will be riding a machine, the color of the team color. One team color will be blue and the other one will be red. The machines will be outside the center of the stage where various Goombas are walking. The player must shoot with Two Button, shooting red or blue paint and coloring any Goomba in the way, red or blue. After 30 seconds if at the end of the mini-game there are more Red Goombas, the red team wins. If there are more Blue Goombas the blue team wins. If a duel is played, then the solo player wins instead, depending on which colored Goomba the winner has.


The two losers will stand in the center of the stage, sad that they lost. The winners will suddenly run off the stage and man their machines and shoot paint trying to paint the losers. The losers will run around, easily avoiding the paint.


The Wii Remote is held sideways.

  • +Control Pad - Move
  • Two Button - Shoot paint