The Overthere Stair (スカイロード Sky Road?)[1] is a long path that leads from the Underwhere up to the Overthere. It is found in chapter seven of the game Super Paper Mario.


The Overthere Stair takes place in the sky. It is a fluffy road[2] made of clouds. If the person is not careful, they can fall between the clouds.[2] The Overthere Stair links from The Underwhere and The Overthere.

There are many enemies there, and lots of clouds that can bounce Mario really high up. There are also many doors that lead to Apples such as the Red Apple, Blue Apple, and Black Apple, all of which heal Mario and co.. The apples have strange effects on users.


Mario, Luigi, Bowser, Tippi and Luvbi travelled out the Underwhere to the Overthere. They find Princess Peach[2] sleeping beside the tree and near the forbidden Golden Apple. Mario and party searched for the correct apple that can wake her from her deep sleep. Finding the correct apple, Peach woke up and rejoined the party. Mario's party climbed up the Overthere Stair; Cyrrus helped Mario and his party to reach extreme heights. Mario and his party entered the Overthere.



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