The Outer Limits (also known as the Space Byway) is a location in Super Paper Mario. It is located deep within Outer Space and serves as the main setting for Chapter 4-3.


Chapter 4-3: The Gates of Space

The heroes make it back into space and Squirps informs everyone that they are finally in the Space Byway. He says they'll make it to the Whoa Zone from here but Tippi doesn't believe him fully due to the odd name. Squirps says to just trust him and they all head on forward. Eventually, they come across a Space Gate that can only be opened by placing Squirps in the spot. The heroes soon reach one where it requires two Squirps and Squirps soon grows hungry and is too hungry to move from the spot. Mario and the others are forced to head out into space and find the Twinkle Mart to buy a Sweet Choco-bar. After giving Squirps one, he multiples into two and opens the Space Gate. The heroes head on and finally make it to the Whoa Zone.



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