Superstar Saga Enemy
Oucher Glass
Location(s) Guffawha Ruins
Level 23
HP 40
POW 68 (64/70)
Defense 60
Speed 30
Experience 60 (40)
Coins 5 (8)
Item Drop Green Pepper – 16.13% (19.35%)
None – 0%
Fire Normal
Thunder Critical
Jump Normal
Hammer Normal
Hand? Normal
Stun? 0%
Burn? 0%
Stat Down? 100%
  • Stats in the parentheses are from the Japanese version and differ from American and European versions.
  • Stats in gray are found in the game's coding and unavailable during the "normal" gameplay.

Oucher Glasses are enemies that appear in Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga. They are only seen and fougt in Guffawha Ruins.


Oucher Glasses are hourglass-like enemies with two faces on each side: a sad looking face and an angry looking face. In the remake the sad face has been changed to a happy looking face.


Oucher Glasses are unique enemies that possess two different attacks depending on what face is currently shown. They accompany Elite Chuck Guys during battles.


If the sad face is shown, then it will attack with a sand ball move. If the angry face is shown, it will attack oddly with a sand fist. The way to defeat Oucher Glasses is simple as it only requires any type of moves.

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