Orbs are the main items used in Mario Party 6 and Mario Party 7. They replace capsules from Mario Party 5 and were replaced in Mario Party 8 with Candy.

Types of Orbs

There are four primary types of orbs that can be collected used in these two games. The orbs are sorted into Self, Thrown, Roadblock and Special/Character categories.


Self Orbs are orbs that can be used on themselves. It allows them to hit more Dice Blocks, teleporting them to the Star Space and more. The Orb's color is green.


Thrown Orbs are the 2nd type of orbs in these 2 games. It can transform any space into a Character Space when somebody lands on these. If you land on your own, then you'll receive a bonus of 5 coins (15 in the last 4 or 5 turns). The Orb's color is yellow.


Roadblock Orbs are red orbs that can be used by opponents. Just throw it on a space and when they pass, it will trigger a roadblock for them that will stop their opponents from moving and more.


The 4th and final type of orbs are very special for them and in Mario Party 7, they are called Character Orbs which can be used by a character. There are 6 orbs for the 6 pairs and they are: the Fireball Orb (Mario/Luigi), the Flower Orb (Peach/Daisy), the Triple 'Shroom Orb (Toad/Toadette), the Magic Orb (Boo/Dry Bones), the Vacuum Orb (Wario/Waluigi) and the Egg Orb (Yoshi/Birdo). These orbs allows them to make various effects when they use it on a character.

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