Oranges, also referred to as Orange Grenades, are weapons that appear in Donkey Kong 64. They are one of the primary weapons used by the Kongs and they are very common found in every level. In order to throw an orange, the player must be holding the Z button and press the C-right button to throw an orange.


The Oranges act like grenades and will explode after they are thrown. After being thrown, the oranges will bounce around for a short time before exploding. Take note that when there are enemies around, the oranges will home in on the enemy. The oranges are very effective as a weapon as they are able to take down stronger enemies like Kosha's or Krobots. However, they lack range compared to the shooters requiring the player to get in close to hit an enemy. Another weakness of oranges is that they are completely useless against airborne enemies like Zingers. Also, as the oranges act like grenades and explode on contact, if the player is too close, they will get damaged from their own grenade.