OrangStand Sprint (Palmus Dashium), also known as OrangSprint, is a special ability used by Lanky Kong in the game Donkey Kong 64. This move can be purchased from Cranky Kong in Crystal Caves for 7 Banana Coins. This move serves as an upgraded OrangStand.


To use OrangStand Sprint, Lanky must jump into a barrel with his face on it and he'll emerge in his OrangStand stance but is able to run very fast. Lanky can only maintain this form as long he has Crystal Coconuts. OrangStand Sprint is very useful in racing fast opponents such as the Rabbit from Fungi Forest and the Beetle from Crystal Caves. Some Golden Bananas require Lanky to use the OrangStand Sprint from to quickly get to in a short amount of time (such as the hedge maze from Creepy Castle).

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