The Old Photo is a key item that appears in Paper Mario.


The Old Photo can only be obtained after accepting one of Koopa Koot's many favors. Koopa Koot wanted to relieve his older days and asks Mario to the photo of him from a Boo in Boo's Mansion. If Mario heads to Boo's Mansion and talks to the first Boo there, he will give it to Mario. However, before leaving, the Boo tells Mario that Koopa Koot is a selfish, old Koopa that often tricks people to do his many favors and paying them a small amount of coins in return. Mario then returns to Koopa Koot to return the Old Photo to him and Koopa Koot awards Mario with a coin.


  • Oddly, even though the Boo says that Koopa Koot is selfish and only awards people will small amount of coins, Koopa Koot tends to away good items such as the credits and even Star Pieces.
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