SMK OilSlick

Mario driving by an Oil Slick in Super Mario Kart.

Oil Slicks are hazardous objects found on roads in the Mario Kart series. They mainly appear in Super Mario Kart, but return in Super Mario Kart retro tracks in later games. When a player drives over one, the player will spin out of control, slowing down the racer. Although they can slow the racer down, they are rather easy to get around. They are small and only take up a very small portion of the road.

Oil Slicks are mainly found in three of four Mario Circuit tracks in Super Mario Kart. They return in Mario Kart Wii in SNES Mario Circuit 3 and then again in Mario Kart 7 in SNES Mario Circuit 2. Oil Slicks are not in the stage remakes for Mario Kart: Super Circuit.

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