Off the Chain is a 1-vs-3 minigame in Super Mario Party.


Setting in an arena, the three players jump when they hear the Chain Chomp coming and move out of the way. The solo player on the Chain Chomp crashes into a wall.


The solo player can control the aim of the Chain Chomp while it rams to other players. The team player will fall out of the arena when the Chain Chomp rams into the player. If the solo player manages to ram all players, he/she wins the minigame. If the team evades the Chain Chomp before thirty seconds pass, they win the minigame.


If the solo player wins, the Chain Chomp stands in its position while the player does his/her victory animation. If the team wins, they do their victory animation.


Solo Side

  • Control Stick – Aim the Chain Chomp

Team Side

  • Control Stick – Move

In-game description

  • "Ride the Chain Chomp into your rivals!"
  • "The defending team wins, even if only one of them is left standing!"
  • Tips: "The team side should avoid bunching up so they can't all be taken out in one charge."
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