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The Odyssey is the main form of transportation for Mario in Super Mario Odyssey. It allows Mario to travel to different kingdoms throughout the game, but only if Mario has collected enough Power Moons from a kingdom.

In Super Mario Odyssey

Mario is able to buy items from the Crazy Cap shops to decorate the inside and outside of the Odyssey.

Mario can also dress up in his costumes from Crazy Cap in the Odyssey using his wardrobe.

If Mario has taken any damage, going inside the Odyssey will automatically bring him back up to full health.

There are several ways in which to enter the Odyssey, through the hatch on the roof, the pipe at the back, a reference to the main source of travel in most Mario levels, and of course, the trusty door.

Before landing in the Cloud Kingdom and Ruined Kingdom, the Odyssey stops working, so Mario and Cappy have to get enough Power Moons to fix it.

In Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

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The Odyssey appears as a Support spirit. It is present in Adventure Mode: World of Light.

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