Octoombas, also known as Electrogoombas or Octogoombas, are enemies from Super Mario Galaxy. They are of similar form to a Goomba, however they do not have bodies. It is fairly common to find them in most galaxies. Their main attack is by headbutting Mario. In Super Mario Galaxy 2, they evolved, and are also capable of shooting rocks.


They first appear in the Good Egg Galaxy. They also appear in the Honeyhive Galaxy and the Gold Leaf Galaxy. They are often found before bosses. They appear frequently in the two Super Mario Galaxy games.

Octogoombas return in Super Mario 3D World predominantely on the Super Galaxy level of Super Mario 3D World. Unlike the past games, Octogoombas can not be stomped, instead players must ground pound them. They can spit out three iron balls that explode on contact. They are invincible to regular attacks but can be taken out with a Starman or a Mega Mushroom.



Octogoombas get their name from "Goomba" and "octopus", as they resemble an octopus.

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