"That's Norite... This girl came out of nowhere in search for Whacka... Whacka always touched her delicate heart with his constant smile. But they were suddenly separated... and now Norite's heart is about to burst. In her sadness, she cannot even eat her favorite snack, Whacka Bumps..." -Tippi

Norite is a minor character that appears in Super Paper Mario. She is a female Cragnon that lives in the Land of the Cragnons.


Norite can only be found if Mario and the others attack a Whacka enough times to make it disappear for good. Norite will become depressed that the Whacka is gone for good.

Ironically, her favorite food is Whacka Bumps. Although, this can be explained by Tippi's tattle for Whacka, basically stating you could get Whacka Bumps when hitting Whacka in moderation:

"...please hit in moderation..."