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Nitro Honey Syrup is a powerful syrup that is mentioned in the game Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door.


Nitro Honey Syrup is mentioned by the Businessman on the Excess Express where it became missing from his briefcase. He claims Nitro Honey Syrup is strong enough to even raise the dead but mentions it becomes extremely explosive when mixed with calcium and gold. This is what the Shadow Sirens wanted to do as they planned on taking out the Excess Express with Mario on it. Doopliss then disguised himself as Zip Toad and stole the Toad waitress' Shell Earrings and Toodles' Gold Ring hoping to blow everyone up in a "sticky, yummy explosion." However, thanks to Mario, Doopliss was stopped and the Shadow Sirens are forced to rethink their plans (which included taking what they believed was the Crystal Star before Mario).

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