Nintendo Power is a monthly publication about upcoming games published by or for Nintendo consoles. It was a Nintendo sponsored magazine until its November 2007 issue, in which it became owned and operated by FutureUS publications. Its current editor in chief is Chris Slate. Nintendo Power recently celebrated their 20th Anniversary since their first issue on Super Mario Bros. 2 in 1988.

Notable Sections


Once called the Player's Pulse, Pulse is the essential letters to the editor of Nintendo Power. All answers are answered by Chris Slate, unless another editor is requested. Entries normally consist of funny game-related stories, fan-art and projects, and feedback on new games.


Previews as its name clearly states, are short articles about upcoming games for Nintendo Consoles.


Playback is a one-page article that covers a game from the past, usually by over 7 years. One editor writes a small article, and includes a comparison chart on the side, showing how that game has affected other games. Some Mario games include: Wario Land 3, G. I. Joe, and Super Mario RPG.


In the reviews section, Nintendo Power employees review recently released games for Nintendo systems. The review scale is between .5 and 10.0 followed by a several paragraph review on the games faults and successes. Only two games have received a 10.0 from Nintendo Power in the 20 years of publication: Super Smash Bros. Brawl and Metroid Prime 3: Corruption.

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