Nimbus Land is a location that appears in Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars. It is home to Mallow's true parents and is most notable for being the place Mallow and his family rule over.


Nimbus Land is mainly a cloud-base land in the Mushroom Kingdom sky, home to Mallow and his people. Nimbus Land is made up of three levels including the main area, a hot spring and the area's entrance. It is ruled by both King and Queen Nimbus, who live in a large castle northeast of the top level of Nimbus Land. 

Nimbus Land inhabitants live in house-like structures made from thick, thorny vines. 


After climbing up Bean Valley, Mario and his friends end up in Nimbus Land where they spot a strange character named Valentina saying she is going to marry "Prince Mallow." Mallow is confused and angry that an imposter, who is really Dodo, is trying to take his spot. However, Mario, Mallow, and the rest cannot enter the castle due to the guards thinking Dodo is Mallow. Soon, a character named Garro recongizes Mallow and uses his painting skills to get them into the castle. After fight through many guards, Mario and his friends eventually fight Valentina and Dodo and defeat them in battle. Mallow's parents are happy to see their true son again but Mallow agrees to stay with Mario until all of the Star Pieces are recovered. Mario and his friends decide to head down Barrel Volcano where the next Star Piece rests.