Nimbus Arena (グランドモック lit. Grand Cloud?), also known as The Archaeological dig site in the Cloud, is a location in the Cloud Kingdom in the Super Mario Odyssey.

The city's main inhabitants are notably is Unknown. The ice cold realm of Shiveria in the Snow Kingdom will chill you to the core! Best wrap up warm.

The primary currency of the Snow Kingdom are purple Snowflakes, however they also accept regular gold coins.




Quick Facts

  • Population: Unknown
  • Area: Unknown
  • Natives: Unknown
  • Currency: Unknown
  • Industry: Unknown
  • Climate: Average 73°F

Notable Locations


Super Mario Odyssey

During the events of the story, while en route to the Metro Kingdom, Mario and Cappy hear a strange laugh outside their ship, which causes them to investigate. They discover that Bowser is also en route to the Metro Kingdom, and thus encounter him whilst in the sky.

This kingdom is the location of the first Bowser battle of the game. Upon defeating Bowser, he retreats to his airship and instructs it to fire cannonballs at Mario. He gets hit by one of these, causing both him and the Odyssey to crash-land down in the Lost Kingdom.

Power Moon locations

There are a total of 9 Power Moons in this Kingdom, making it the smallest kingdom in the game.

  • 01: Picture Match: Basically a Goomba:
  • 02: Peach in the Cloud Kingdom: Obtained post-game by talking to Princess Peach.
  • 03: Digging in the...Cloud?:
  • 04: High, High Above the Clouds:
  • 05: Crossing the Cloud Sea:
  • 06: Taking Notes: Up and Down:
  • 07: Picture Match: A Stellar Goomba!:
  • 08: King of the Cube!:
  • 09: The Sixth Face:
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