Nimbus Arena (グランドモック lit. Grand Cloud?), also known as The Archaeological dig site in the Cloud, is a location in the Cloud Kingdom in the Super Mario Odyssey.

The city's main inhabitants are notably is unknown and primary currency of the city is unknown as well.


Nimbus Arena is mysterious dreamlike place in the sky that make up of a extremely small and light cloud-like material that one can walk on, this substance can change into and hold new shapes and even support weight, there was once such a kingdom whose citizens looked down on the world from a fluffy, puffy paradise. It's unknown what happened to original inhabitants.

Quick Facts

  • Population: Unknown
  • Area: Unknown
  • Natives: Unknown
  • Currency: Unknown
  • Industry: Unknown
  • Climate: Average 73°F


Super Mario Odyssey

During the events of the story, while en route to the Metro Kingdom, Mario and Cappy hear a strange laugh outside their ship, which causes them to investigate. They discover that Bowser is also en route to the Metro Kingdom, and thus encounter him whilst in the sky.

This kingdom is the location of the first Bowser battle of the game. Upon defeating Bowser, he retreats to his airship and instructs it to fire cannonballs at Mario. He gets hit by one of these, causing both him and the Odyssey to crash-land in the Lost Kingdom.

Power Moon locations

Regular Power Moons

There are a total of 9 Power Moons in this Kingdom, making it the smallest kingdom in the game.

  • 01: Picture Match: Basically a Goomba: The player must recreate a picture of a Goomba and score at least 60 points on their work in order to receive this Power Moon.
  • 02: Peach in the Cloud Kingdom: Obtained post-game by talking to Princess Peach.

Moon Rock Power Moons

  • 03: Digging in the...Cloud?: This Power Moon is found by ground pounding a patch of elevated cloud in the south-eastern corner of the arena.
  • 04: High, High Above the Clouds: Mario must take a levitating cloud lift (Activated via ground pound) at the western side of the arena and traverse across Cap Clouds to reach this Power Moon.
  • 05: Crossing the Cloud Sea: There is a locked hatch on the turret where the Moon Rock initially was north of the arena. The key is found on another turret due north, and Mario must use a trail a Cap Clouds to get there and back to the Power Moon.
  • 06: Taking Notes: Up and Down: East of the arena is a cloud lift that quickly levitates upon being ground pounded, leading to a rainbow treble clef that reveals 12 Rainbow Notes in groups of three, all at different heights. Mario must throw Cappy at the right time to collect these notes until the Power Moon is revealed.
  • 07: Picture Match: A Stellar Goomba!: This moon is obtained the same way as the "Basically a Goomba" moon, except the player needs to score at least 80 points in the Picture Match mini-game, using only the outline of the original picture.
  • 08: King of the Cube!: This moon is found by entering the Moon Pipe in the south-western corner of the arena and then collecting the five Moon Shards within the 8-bit dimension of the cube.
  • 09: The Sixth Face: There is a pipe found in the bottom face of the cube leading to the so-called "Sixth Face", where Mario must maneuver around the Fuzzies circling the Power Moon.