New Donkers are the native residents of the Metro Kingdom introduced in Super Mario Odyssey. New Donkers are known for their sleek suits and hats, but don't be fooled by their serious exterior. They know how to have a good time!


Most of the New Donkers, both male and female, wear gray business suits. The male New Donkers also wear ties, gray fedoras, and shiny black shoes, while the female New Donkers wear gray sunhats. The only New Donkers who do not wear gray attire are the members of Pauline's band, who all wear red attire and black fedoras with a white band around it, and the Crazy Cap employees.

None of the New Donkers are ever seen without their hats, except for at least two members, as they are required to collect Power Moons, where Mario must capture them to control an RC car in order to obtain said Power Moons.


Super Mario Odyssey

A few New Donkers give Mario Power Moons, such as a lonely New Donker found sitting on a bench. The first New Donker seen in the game is in the Sand Kingdom. This man is unable to meet with his Tostarenan customer due to his taxi being frozen in the middle of the desert. After the Metro Kingdom, a few New Donkers are also seen in Bowser's Kingdom near, and even operating, the Crazy Cap store. Finally, several others, along with their mayor Pauline, can be found in attendance at the wedding between Bowser and Peach in the Moon Kingdom. Like other attending members, they were brought forcefully.

As with other kingdom residents, several New Donkers can be found visiting other kingdoms, except for the Cloud Kingdom and the Ruined Kingdom after finishing the main story. The one who was found in Tostarena can also be found travelling in his taxi throughout the kingdoms with the Desert Wanderer.

Like many of the supporting characters, New Donkers will cower and refuse to talk to Mario, regardless of whether Mario has captured the enemy in question or not.


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