New Donk City (ニュードンクシティ?), also known as "The city that never leaps" is a location in the Metro Kingdom in Super Mario Odyssey. It is based on the real world location of New York City, the largest city in the United States. The city's main inhabitants are notably humans, referred to as "New Donkers" (the in-universe equivalent of "New Yorkers"). Pauline is the mayor of New Donk City.


The city is a large and ever expanding metropolis of the Metro Kingdom, full of skyscrapers, modern conveniences and many construction sites expanding the Metro Kingdom's domain. Also of note is that this large city is built atop an even larger building of the even grander cities of the Metro Kingdom. Many taxi cabs dot the city's roads for quick transportation throughout the city (the latter of which Mario can use to jump higher or posses using Cappy for easy travel). As the city is mostly urban and devoid of much nature, the only animals that reside here are rats and pigeons which seem to have a bit of character. Many businesses, such as shops also thrive in the city and serve first rate goods.


New Donkers are industrious city folks living fast-paced, but comfortable lives. The citizens of New Donk City primarily dress in uniformal attire consisting of black or grey suits usually accompanied by black or grey derbies or fedoras (with women usually wearing wider brim fedoras or sun hats) to match their grey surroundings. Although some folks with notable occupations, such as musicians and the mayor herself, may wear bright red colors. New Donkers have also recently gotten into the RC Car craze, and enjoy racing their toy cars in the streets.


The city has a prosperous economy and its primary industries are information and ads, as noted by the countless billboards and posters dotting the city, and New Donkers are apparently even willing to do advertisement for foreign kingdoms and even villains, as noted by all the billboards and posters advertising tourists to visit other kingdoms or those advertising Bowser's wedding. According to residents, New Donk City is also the birthplace of the Crazy Cap shop franchise, having been founded in the city, and it has numerous stores in other kingdoms around the world. As with the rest of the Metro Kingdom, the city has its own form of currency in the form of purple City Coins, however regular gold coins are also accepted.

Quick Facts

  • Population: Crowded
  • Area: Big
  • Natives: New Donkers
  • Currency: City Coins
  • Industry: Information, Ads
  • Climate: Average 81°F (27°C)

Notable Locations


  • Mayor Pauline's Commemorative Park
  • New Donk City Hall Plaza
  • New Donk City Hall Auditorium
  • Crazy Cap flagship store
  • Outdoor Café
  • Heliport
  • Isolated Rooftop
  • Underground Power Plant
  • Main Street Entrance
  • Rooftop Garden
  • Construction Site

Bonus Areas

  • Metro Kingdom Slots Room, A small room with a slots minigame. Four of the same picture must be lined up to win.
  • RC Car Room, A room with a miniature race track where the RC Car Challenge takes place.
  • Private Room, A small room full of Rainbow Notes (including 8-bit ones) which Mario must collect to obtain a Power Moon.
  • Crowded Alleyway, An alleyway-like area where Mario must work his way through an endless crowd of walking New Donkers to obtain a Power Moon on the other side. Additionally, after opening the kingdom's Moon Rock, Mario must find a Bonneter on one of the New Donkers in the crowd and talk to him so he can give Mario another Power Moon.
  • Wiring Area, An area composed of buildings in the sky where Mario must capture several spark pylons connecting the buildings while avoiding the Burrbos and Fuzzies. Mario can only access this area by wearing the Builder set and talking to the New Donker at the entrance.
  • Siege Area, A nighttime area accessed by capturing a taxi where Mario must capture a Sherm and use it to destroy as many other Sherms and obstacles as possible to collect Moon Shards required to obtain a Power Moon.
  • The Rotating Maze, A maze-like area accessed by capturing the manhole cover and moving it out of the way. The area features revolving doors that move when hit with Cappy, Fire Piranha Plants, and Moon Shards required to obtain a Power Moon.
  • High-Rise Area, An area where Mario must swing on poles from one building to another.

Bullet Bill Area, A scaffold-like area where Mario must climb from one pole to another while avoiding the Bullet Bills that constantly fire at him.

  • T-Rex Alleyway, A narrow, alleyway-like area where Mario must ride on a Motor Scooter to escape a rampaging T-Rex.
  • Projection Room, A room featuring a recreation of World 1-1 from the original Super Mario Bros. as the movie (albeit without power-ups and a functioning Goal Pole), which Mario enters as the "actor" via an 8-Bit Pipe. While in the "movie," Mario must collect Moon Shards to make a Power Moon appear.
  • Pitch-Black Mountain, A darkened, pyramid-like area surrounded by poison and inhabited by Stairface Ogres, where Mario must climb to the top to obtain a Power Moon. Since the Power Moon is atop a pillar surrounded by spikes, Mario must climb up one of said Stairface Ogres to reach it.
  • Swinging Scaffolding, An area where Mario must traverse several swinging girders in order to travel from one structure to another and capture a Hammer Bro to break dirt blocks.
  • Vanishing Road, An area where Mario must activate several P Switches to make a path appear, along which Mario must ride a Motor Scooter to reach the other side as soon as possible before it disappears while avoiding several Sherms along the way.

List of Donkey Kong references


Super Mario Odyssey

During the events of Super Mario Odyssey, when Mario first visits here, Bowser's airship can be seen flying over the top of the New Donk City Hall. Mario's first objective is to stop Bowser by heading to the New Donk City Hall Rooftop. Once the player climbs up to here, they will find Mechawiggler - a large robotic Wiggler taking all the city's power. Mario must then fight the Mechawiggler and defeat it, which will reward the player with a Multi Moon. Collecting it will take Mario back to the Odyssey, and the kingdom reverts to daytime. The player's next objective is to talk to Mayor Pauline at the New Donk City Hall Plaza.

She tells Mario that she needs four musicians to perform in her big festival. Mario finds the four musicians (a drummer, a guitarist, a bassist, and a trumpeter) and takes them all back to Pauline. Once he has done this, the mayor will then tell Mario of a new problem - the Underground Power Plant is not working. Mario must then travel to the Power Plant and restore it in order to generate enough power to hold the festival. Mayor Pauline is impressed by Mario's efforts, and she asks if Mario would like to participate in the festival. He accepts the offer, and the New Donk City Festival begins. If the player can successfully traverse through the festival of the city and reach Pauline at the end, she will give Mario another Multi Moon. Collecting it restores the kingdom to its former glory (although nothing changes between Mechawiggler and the festival), allowing access to more Power Moons. Once Mario has collected enough Power Moons, he can head off to the next kingdom - either the Snow Kingdom or the Seaside Kingdom.

Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker

A new level inspired by New Donk City appears exclusively in the Nintendo 3DS and Nintendo Switch versions of Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker, where Captain Toad is able to reach the top of the New Donk City Hall and enter the auditorium where the Toad Brigade can be found. Hammer Bros appear as enemies in the level.

Power Moon Locations

Regular Moon locations

  • 02: Drummer On Board!: Recruit the drummer that can be found next to Mayor Pauline near City Hall.
  • 03: Guitarist On Board!: Travel to Mayor Pauline Commemorative Park and recruit the guitarist.
  • 04: Bassist On Board!: Recruit the bassist, he can be found in the park near the starting point.
  • 05: Trumpeter On Board!: Recruit the trumpeter, he can be found on the rooftop of the triangular building near the New Donk City Hall Plaza.
  • 06: Powering up the Station: Travel to the underground power plant after collecting all the band members. Defeat the two Piranha Plants at the end of the section.
  • 08: Inside an Iron Girder: Look inside an iron girder found on the left side of the city.
  • 09: Swaying in the Breeze: Look for a swinging iron girder on the Helipad area.
  • 10: Girder Sandwich: Found between two iron girders on the right side of the Kingdom.
  • 11: Glittering Above the Pool: Long-jump from the top of the New Donk City Hall to a rooftop pool.
  • 12: Dizzying Heights: Climb to the top of the New Donk City Hall.
  • 13: Secret Girder Tunnel!: Found inside an iron girder near the Odyssey.
  • 14: Who Piled Garbage on This?: Ground pound a shining vent underneath a pile of garbage on top of a building near the Odyssey.
  • 15: Hidden in the Scrap: Ground Pound the mechanical scrap in Mayor Pauline Commemorative Park.
  • 16: Left at the Café?: Travel to the Outdoor Cafe and ground pound the spot where both Joycons rumble.
  • 17: Caught Hopping on a Building!: Catch the Rabbit found near the Rooftop Garden.
  • 18: How Do They Take Out the Trash?: Ground pound the dumpster on top of the tall girder near the Heliport.
  • 19: Metro Kingdom Timer Challenge 1: Complete the platform challenge near the Hall Plaza.
  • 20: Metro Kingdom Timer Challenge 2: Drive a motor scooter on an obstacle course around the skyscraper next to the Heliport.
  • 21: City Gardening: Building Planter: Plant a seed in a pot on a top of a building near Main Street.
  • 22: City Gardening: Plaza Planter: Plant a seed in a pot in a pot near at the corner of the park near Main Street.
  • 23: City Gardening: Rooftop Planter: Plant a seed in a pot on top of a building near the Construction Site.
  • 24: How You Doin’, Captain Toad?: Talk to Captain Toad, located on an iron girder on the left side of the city.
  • 25: Free Parking: Rooftop Hop: Park a motor scooter in a parking space near the Heliport.
  • 26: Bench Friends: Sit next to the lonely man on a bench near the center of the city.
  • 27: Shopping in New Donk City: Purchase a Moon from the Crazy Cap store for 100 yellow Coins.
  • 28: Metro Kingdom Slots: Travel to the Slot Minigame inside a building on the left side of the city. Line up at least 3 Power Moon symbols. (Costs 10 coins to play.)
  • 29: Jump-Rope Hero: Score 30 points on the jump-rope challenge.
  • 30: Jump-Rope Genius: Score 100 points on the jump-rope challenge.
  • 31: Remotely Captured Car: Capture the nearby New Donker to control an RC car to enter the cage.
  • 32: RC Car Pro!: Complete three laps around the RC course.
  • 33: Taking Notes: In the Private Room: Collect all of the Rainbow Notes inside a building on Cranky Avenue.
  • 34: City Hall Lost & Found: Look for a hidden treasure at the top of New Donk City Hall Interior
  • 35: Sewer Treasure: Head towards the underground Power Plant and collect the Moon on a high platform using a rotatable platform.
  • 37: Pushing Through the Crowd: Pull a lever inside of an alleyway near the Outdoor Cafe checkpoint, push through the crowd afterward.
  • 38: High Over the Crowd: Found in the alleyway where the “Pushing Through the Crowd” Moon is located. Use the awning as a spring, and then swing on the poles to get to this moon.
  • 39: Rewiring the Neighborhood: West of the New Donk City Hall, the player can find a locked door being guarded by a New Donker. In order to enter this door, the player needs to wear both the Builder outfit and the Construction hat. Once Mario enters this building, he must reach the end of the area and collect the five Moon Shards located here in order to receive a Power Moon.
  • 40: Off the Beaten Wire: Found inside a crate hidden in the “Rewiring the Neighborhood” mission area.
  • 41: Moon Shards Under Siege: Collect five Moon Shards in a secret area (accessed by capturing a taxi).
  • 42: Sharpshooting Under Siege: Break a block using a Sherm in the Moon Shards Under Siege mission area.
  • 43: Inside the Rotating Maze: Collect five Moon Shards in the rotating maze in the sewer area to the underground power plant.
  • 44: Outside the Rotating Maze: Backflip to the top of the rotating maze and look for a hidden Moon.
  • 45: Hanging from a High-Rise: Access the secret area via a rocket ship in the Mayor Pauline Commemorative Park.
  • 46: Vaulting Up a High-Rise: Found hidden above an upwards-moving pole during the “Hanging from a High-Rise” mission area.
  • 47: Bullet Building: Climb across the swinging poles found behind buildings in the back of the city.
  • 48: One Man’s Trash: Capture a Bullet Bill in the Bullet Building Mission area and travel to a platform with a trash can on it.
  • 49; Motor Scooter: Escape!: Successfully escape from a T-Rex with a motor scooter in a secret area.
  • 50; Big Jump: Escape!: Collect the Power Moon on top of the crates in the Motor Scooter: Escape! mission area.
  • 51: Secret Path to New Donk City: This Power Moon can be found on the Isolated Rooftop in the south-eastern corner of the kingdom. To reach it, the player must travel through a painting located in a different kingdom:
  • In the Sand Kingdom, the player should look for the painting located on a tall stone pillar where the "On the Lone Pillar" Power Moon (Sand Kingdom) is located.
  • 52: A Tourist in the Metro Kingdom: After restoring the Sand Kingdom to its former glory, the player should locate the Tostarenan Tourist at the Tostarena Town. Mario must talk to the Tostarenan, who states that he wants to go to the Metro Kingdom. After this conversation, the player should head to the Metro Kingdom, where the tourist can be found next to the Main Street Entrance checkpoint. Talking to him here will reward Mario with a Power Moon.
  • 53: Found with Metro Kingdom Art: On the triangular-shaped building where the trumpeter was found, the player should look for the Hint Art located on a slightly lower ledge facing the City Hall. The Art shows a glowing spot located at the Water Plaza in the Lake Kingdom. If Mario travels to the Lake Kingdom and ground pounds the spot shown by the Hint Art, he will be rewarded with a Power Moon.
  • 54: Bird Traveling in the City: Hit Cappy with the bird to receive a power moon.
  • 55: Mario Signs His Name: Place the 5 letters that are seen after finishing Super Mario Odyssey on the 5 platforms in the park seen at the starting point of Main Street.
  • 56: Surprise Clown!: At the very northwest corner of New Donk City proper, Mario can find a New Donker. If Mario talks to the New Donker, he says he could really use a laugh. Mario has to show up to him wearing the Clown Suit and Clown Hat to make him laugh. He will then give Mario a Power Moon as a thanks.
  • 57: A Request from the Mayor: Mario can talk to Pauline, who will ask him questions about herself so he can learn more about her. After getting four questions in a row right, she tells Mario that it's her birthday today, and would appreciate a gift. Mario must find a new handbag located on a metal platform east of New Donk City Hall. After presenting Pauline the handbag, she gladly gives Mario a Power Moon in return.
  • 58: Jammin' in the Metro Kingdom: At Southern Squawks Park, Mario can find a Music Toad listening to music. If Mario talks to the Toad, he will request that the player play a specific piece of music related to the theme of "revving a tiny engine". Only the "RC Car" music will earn the player a Power Moon.
  • 59: Sphynx in the City: Use a pair of binoculars and focus on the Sphynx. Then he'll give you a power moon.
  • 60: Free Parking: Leap of Faith: A New Donker has started another scooter parking service atop the building at the intersection of Cranky Avenue and northern Squawks Park Street. To use his service and obtain the Power Moon, Mario must find the scooter at the top of New Donk City Hall, mount it, then jump all the way down to the eastern buildings to get to the parking space. The parking space is near the green-shelled Roving Racer who hosts the Koopa Freerunning race for this kingdom.
  • 61: Metro Kingdom Regular Cup: Atop an eastern building near the "Free Parking: Leap of Faith" Power Moon, the player can find a green-shelled Roving Racer hosting the Koopa Freerunning mini-game. Mario must enter the race and then reach the finish line in first place to be awarded a Power Moon.
  • 62: Hat-and-Seek: In the City: A Bonneter on the intersection of Cranky Avenue and southern Squawks Park Street says two of his friends wandered off. One of them is in New Donk City proper, riding on the head of a man who walks along the sidewalks of eastern Cranky Avenue and northern Squawks Park Street. Talking to the Bonneter will give Mario this Power Moon.
  • 63: Powering Up the Power Plant: In the generator room of the Underground Power Plant, there is a large battery that is to be installed to the power plant. The battery can be captured by Mario, and can moved around like the previous puzzle part from the Lake Kingdom. Once the battery is properly installed, the Power Moon appears.
  • 64: Up On the Big Screen: There is a movie theater on the west side and the north end of Krool Avenue. Inside the projection room, Mario can enter an 8-bit warp pipe to enter the projection screen, showcasing a remake of World 1-1 of Super Mario Bros. The overworld of the level has five Moon Shards scattered across. Collecting all five shards reveals the Power Moon in the projection room.
  • 65: Down Inside the Big Screen: Within the projection screen of the movie theater, Mario can enter the fourth pipe of the level to find a hidden underground room with several coins and the Power Moon.
  • 66: Peach in the Metro Kingdom: Peach and Tiara can be found atop the movie theater building on the west side of the city

Moon Rock Moon location

  • 67: Hanging Between Buildings: Atop the triangular building alongside Rattley Street, Mario can ground pound the red button to reveal a black and white pathway with a time limit to the other triangular building. The Power Moon floats high above the middle of this pathway, so Mario must use a ground pound jump or a somersault to reach it.
  • 68: Crossing Lines: This moon floats above some coins and an electric wire connected to the theater building and the Rooftop Garden. Mario must capture either spark pylon, ride the wire, then, with the right timing, jump up toward the coins and the Power Moon.
  • 69: Out of a Crate in the City: The Power Moon is inside a crate on top of the northwest apartment building that leads to the crowded alleyway. When Mario breaks the crate, the Power Moon will land on the Banana Bagels sign. Mario must then dive and cap jump off the water tank to reach this Power Moon.
  • 70: Bird Traveling in the Park: This bird only flies around Mayor Pauline Commemorative Park. This bird can be best caught via somersault or ground pound jump as it flies over the eastern benches
  • 71: Metro Kingdom Timer Challenge 3: Ride the scooter on the street west of the Metro Kingdom park to the timer challenge start. Throw hat on the scarecrow and jump back onto scooter. Ride the scooter across the swinging girder, to the power moon's platform. Dismount and grab the power moon.
  • 72: Found in the Park! Good Dog!: There is a Nintendog on the northeast corner of Mayor Pauline Commemorative Park. Upon befriending the Nintendog, it will dig around certain spots in the park that Mario can ground pound to reveal coins or the Power Moon, in which the moon is buried in the southeast corner of the park.
  • 73: RC Car Champ!: Clear the RC Car Pro! track in under 26 seconds.
  • 74: Metro Kingdom Master Cup: Atop an eastern building, the player can find a Roving Racers is hosting a hard version of the Koopa Freerunning mini-game against a golden-shelled Roving Racer. Mario must enter the race and then reach the finish line in first place to be awarded a Power Moon.
  • 75: Hat-and-Seek: In the Crowd: In the area with the "Pushing Through The Crowd" Power Moon, the player must wait for a specific New Donker wearing a Bonneter on his head to come out from among the large crowd and must talk to him to receive the Power Moon.
  • 76: Scaling Pitchblack Mountain: In this bonus area, Mario must climb up a "mountain" of blue platforms in a dark room while avoiding Stairface Ogres and can find the Power Moon at the very top on a column surrounded by spikes.
  • 77: Reaching Pitchblack Island: In the area with the "Scaling Pitchblack Mountain" Power Moon, the player can find a glowing spot located on a small platform separate from the main "mountain". There are Hidden Blocks that Mario can see by throwing Cappy at them, allowing him to safely cross. He must ground pound the glowing spot for the Power Moon to appear.
  • 78: Swinging Scaffolding: Jump!: In this bonus area, Mario must make it through a series of obstacles including swinging girders being held up by cranes and Hammer Bros.
  • 79: Swinging Scaffolding: Break!: In the area with the "Swinging Scaffolding: Jump!" Power Moon, Mario should look for an area with a set of breakable blocks on the far left side. To obtain the Power Moon, Mario must capture a Hammer Bro and throw hammers at the blocks to destroy them and reveal the Power Moon.
  • 80: Motor Scooter: Daredevil!: In this bonus area, Mario must ride a Motor Scooter across many falling blocks as well as hit multiple P Switches to make temporary platforms appear. Many Coin Rings and Sherms are found along the way.
  • 81: Full-Throttle Scooting!: Near the end of the area with the "Motor Scooter Daredevil!" Power Moon, Mario must make a sharp right turn onto a series of falling blocks that form a thin staircase-like path. At the end of this path, the player can find the Power Moon.

Multi Moon Locations

  • 01: New Donk City's Pest Problem: Obtained after defeating Mechawiggler.
  • 07: A Traditional Festival!: The player will receive this Multi Moon upon talking to Pauline at the New Donk City Festival. It can be replayed by talking to a man on the left side of the auditorium near Pauline.



  • Its nickname, "The city that never leaps", is a play on New York City's nickname, "The city that never sleeps".
  • New Donk City is a throwback to the original Donkey Kong arcade game and it is implied that the events of those games occurred here, as noted by Pauline's presence and the many construction sites that dot the city.
    • This implication has been confirmed by the Nintendo staff
    • A similar city level from the Game Boy version of Donkey Kong Country, known as Big Ape City, also held a similar claim and status, as well as it also being based on New York City.
  • Many of its streets and notable locations are named after characters and elements from the Donkey Kong games, further cementing its connection to said game series.
  • One man calls New Donk City ‘The Big Banana’ referencing New York’s nickname ‘The Big Apple.”
  • New Donk City is named after Donkey Kong. Although it could be the other way around in-universe.