Neon Heights is a board in Mario Party 7 and is the third board on the selection. The board is based on the United States of America.


There are three chests in this board, which one will contain a star, one will contain twenty coins and the last one will contain a Bob-omb. When the player reaches a chest, a Koopa Kid will appear to open it for 10 coins.

Upon stepping on one of three happening spaces, a "mysterious flying disc" will appear, in which a small green alien will exit and will swap the chest locations to another spot on the board.

The Lakitu Orb can only be seen and used at Neon Heights. When used it steals a random chest for the player. If you step on the ? in the baseball diamond, a Shy Guy will come and asks you to play baseball. At Bowser Time, Bowser takes a Star from the player in 1st place, and puts it in the Star chest, takes 10 coins from all players and puts them in the 20-coin chest, or puts a Dark Star in the Bob-omb chest.

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