"Neatness Counts" is the first live-action segment of The Super Mario Bros. Super Show! The corresponding animated episode is "The Bird! The Bird!".


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In Mario Brothers Plumbing, Mario is cleaning his face and Luigi is setting up his plumbing gear. While the Mario brothers were having their conversation, they hear a voice behind the nearby medicine cabinet. In confusion, Mario opened the cabinet and sees Nicole Eggert. Nicole greets, recognizing the Mario brothers. Luigi claims to Nicole that he watches her shows and are her biggest fans. Luigi asks about what Nicole was doing behind the medicine cabinet as she replies that she is checking the expiry date on their toothpaste. The Mario brothers allowed Nicole to come inside the house as she asked.

Nicole tells the Mario brothers woth the Brooklyn Times newspaper that it says the Mario brothers are the best plumbers in Brooklyn and possibly of the world. Luigi replies that he hoped it was true and compliments Nicole that she "very neat" and "clean". Nicole tells the Mario brothers that she needs her kitchen sink fixed with an addition telling them that she is on her way to a party. While the brothers are fixing the kitchen sink, the water splatters on her face and clothes pleasing Nicole.

Mario and Luigi apologizes Nicole for making a mess as it never happened before. Nicole attempts to sit on the cake, but Luigi interrupted her and brought her to the furnace to keep her warm. However, the furnace smoked and blinded Nicole. Mario brings her but she steps on the cake. Then, Luigi brought her to take a seat, but she sat on the pie making a mess on her pants. Nicole stands up and walks further as the garbage fell on her.

Mario and Luigi apologized to Nicole once more, Nicole assures them that everything is alright. She reminded that she told them that she was going to be a party. It turned out to a sloppy party which the person with the sloppiest costume wins. She told them that they gave her a sloppy costume. In realization, Mario and Luigi spreads cake on her clothes.

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