Naplock, (named ゴーネム Gōnemu in Japanese languages), is a lazy pig golem whom appears in Princess Peach's Castle in the game Mario & Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story. In the overworld, they release bubbles that allow them to battle Bowser.


When Bowser first encounters these foes, they are first found asleep and are usually allied in battle with Alarm Bob-ombs. When the Alarm Bob-ombs go off, Naplocks push them to stop them.

While these foes are asleep, they attack with their green bubbles, which, when hitting Bowser, he gains the sick status condition. Sometimes, however, they release transparent sky blue colored bubbles with mushroom inside of them. This allows Bowser to regain health if he has lost any.

They wake up once their Alarm Bob-omb allies explode or if Bowser attacks them. If they are awake, they have a new tectic, heaving bricks at Bowser. First, they spew out five, six or seven bricks and run towards Bowser on which Bowser has to punch the bricks. A few seconds later, Naplock heaves the remaining bricks at Bowser on which he must duck into his shell to avoid the attack. If none are punched, Bowser may still duck into his shell, but only for a limited time, making the remaining bricks hit him. This makes him stunned in the process of Naplock's attack.


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