Mystery Land is a mysterious themed board that appears in the game Mario Party 2.


Mystery Land takes place in a jungle, with some desertic areas. An abundance of stone structures can be found on this map including buildings, damaged ruins, and large stones that are scattered around the map. This map is similar to the layout of Wario's Battle Canyon. The ruins that are located in Mystery Land are shrouded in mystery. The board map is divided into four separate parts, each part containing different events and characters. There is also a small section in the middle of the map that the characters can teleport to that contains a broken King Bob-omb statue and several red spaces. The characters can move to the other sections of the board using the happening spaces that appear throughout each section of the board map. They can pay a ten coin fee to have the Bob-omb UFO transport them to another section of the board. The final method of reaching another section of the board is with the help of a Skeleton Key.

Notable Characters and Events

  • Bob-omb UFO - On two sections of the board map, there will be a giant stone slap with a picture of a Bob-omb on it. The Bob-omb will offer to transport a character from one section of a board to the other section for ten coins. The Bob-omb UFO has a small chance of transport the characters to the middle section of the board that contains all red spaces.
  • Shy Guy's Curse House - Shy Guy's Curse House is located on two different sections of the board. When a character approaches the house, they will have the option of setting a curse on themselves or another character. The character that receives the curse will only be able to land a 1-3 on the dice block their next turn.

? Spaces

  • Teleportation - On each section of the board, there are numerous happening spaces. When a character lands on one of the happening spaces, then they will be transported to a different section of the board.
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