Muskular is a character that first appeared in Paper Mario as one of the seven Star Spirits. He returns in Mario Party 5 along with the others.


Paper Mario

In this game, Muskular was captured by Bowser and was kept hostage at Shy Guy's Toy Box by General Guy. After Mario freed him, Muskular granted Mario the Chill Out move and, after a brief talk with Twink, flies back to Star Haven. Muskular and the other Star Spirits eventually got the Star Rod back and went back to Star Haven in peace.

Mario Party 5

In this game, Muskular returns where he is the host of Mini-Game Mode. Muskular gives the tour for the player on the different types of modes they can play.


  • Muskular is the only Star Spirit that wears a hat.
  • Muskular's name is a pun of "muscular."

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