Music Toad, (also called Jammin' Toad, and simply Toad) is a Toad wearing headphones, introduced in version 3.0.4 of Super Mario Run. He is found in the Kingdom Builder, and, if tapped on, can play music from the player's music library on his or her mobile device.


Music Toads are fairly short humanoids with human skin tones. Possessing the appearance of young human children, he has dark, beady eyes while they also possess stubby feet and typically possess almost no visible legs, although occasionally. His most recognizable trait is his large mushroom caps, small bodies, large headphone.

Music Toad generally wear simplistic clothing in the case of males wearing vests that typically reflect off the color of the spots on their mushroom caps.


Super Mario Odyssey

Music Toad gains a more prominent role in Super Mario Odyssey, where he appears in the Sand Kingdom, Wooded Kingdom, Metro Kingdom, Luncheon Kingdom and Mushroom Kingdom after completing the main story. In each of these kingdoms, he requests a certain music piece from the player, sometimes one that relates to an area in the kingdom that the Music Toad is in. The player must find and select the correct piece of music from the in-game Music List, after which the Music Toad will reward Mario with a Power Moon.

If the player fulfils three of Music Toad's requests, "Honeylune Ridge: Escape (8-Bit)" is unlocked in the Music List. Fulfilling all five of Music Toad's requests unlocks the "Music Maestro" Toadette achievement in the Mushroom Kingdom, as well as the song "NDC Festival (8-Bit)", which can be requested to play over the New Donk City Festival instead of the original version of the song.

Like other non-playable characters, the Music Toad will not be able to listen to his music properly if an enemy approaches him.

Power Moons

  1. "Jammin' in the Sand Kingdom"
  • On the roof of the first building on the right upon entering Tostarena Town.
    • Memories of a tough battle
      • Any boss battle theme
  1. "Jammin' in the Wooded Kingdom"
  • By the stream on top of the waterfall southeast of the kingdom.
    • Sky-high coins aplenty
      • "Above the Clouds"
  1. "Jammin' in the Metro Kingdom"
  • Near the Jump-Rope Challenge.
    • Revving a tiny engine
      • "RC Car"
  1. "Jammin' in the Luncheon Kingdom"
  • On the large flat area before Peronza Plaza where Spewart was fought.
    • "I've become a monster!"
      • "Fossil Falls: Dinosaur", "Honeylune Ridge: Collapse", "Honeylune Ridge: Collapse (8-bit)", or "Honeylune Ridge: Escape"
  1. "Jammin' in the Mushroom Kingdom"
  • By the fountain.
    • Flat-n-blocky classic
      • Any "8-Bit" song